Shards of Life

Rocking Hamster

Uplifting track, because life is awesome. Contact:


DJ LiviliroN
DJ LiviliroN1 year ago

Nice track! Voted!. Could you vote my track "Moveup"? Thanks!

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Chrisnar1 year ago

Hello Guys ! I just released a new remix, so please give It a listen and if You like It, vote ! Cheers ;)

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HeadCriz1 year ago

Good Track Bro! VOTED. Please vote for my track "The Pianist" Thanks.

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.stef1 year ago

hey hamster!

Life's awesome, you're right! :D

I really like your track! great atmosphere you got goin here!
I gave my vote and followed ya!

Please consider checking my profile here and on SC!


Score: 1

Sick!! Please vote my last track!!

Score: 1
ANEKS1 year ago

Really good shit!!!

Score: 1
DARKYLOSE1 year ago

Hey Rocking Hamster! My name is DARKYLOSE and I like your Track! I also voted for your Track... Can you please listen to my Latest Track " TIME MACHINE " Its one of the Best out on Talentpool! ;)

Score: 1
Deep Brothers
Deep Brothers1 year ago

Perfect track !! Vote !! Can you voted on my Remix " Whanever" ?
Good luck for you. ;)

Score: 1
Sphinx1 year ago

Awesome job man!!! Voted! ( please check out my track 'Skies')

Score: 1
Louden1 year ago

Check and vote my Hardpsy "OM"!!!

Score: 1
Nuxi Boy
Nuxi Boy1 year ago

Voted for my track “Collision". Beatifull vote

Score: 0
JakesOnFire1 year ago

Hey Dude Really Cool song. Voted for sure. Can you go check out my Remix of 'Honey Im home-Gravity' and tell me what you think?

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Doutor1 year ago

Amazing work here. Love it! :)
And I vote, please vote back in my music "Let's Ride"

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Danale71 year ago

This track is awesome bro, i love it, voted, can you vote back for my track "Groovy"?, hugs bro ♥

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×Björn×1 year ago

Hi! I think you have a big talent, You're doing exactly what you need to be doing.

You should continue to do what you're doing and always continue. Never give up!

Any time if you want to get votes, just say "Hi vote please"

Good luck!

If you have time can you listen and vote track "Reasone-Dirty" .

Have a nice day!

"Reasone Music"

New track coming soon!!

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Fr3aKy-J1 year ago

Vote For Vote Dude?
You Vote For My Track And I Vote For Yours :)

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ANNMS1 year ago

Hey, there buddy How are you today!? I am giving real-time feedback to producers to get support myself. The intro cinematic pads with vocal chop is a great experiment. And suddenly u turned that into a vocal lead. The drop is very cool. The tape stop at 2.35 is again a good surprise... You deserve #1. In the meantime I would appreciate it if you listen and support my track Lucid dreams, it's a very powerful future bass track.

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Andy Nold
Andy Nold1 year ago got my vote….

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Youth Wonders
Youth Wonders1 year ago

Hey Great Track. You Got My Vote!!!!!

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Dj S.u.B
Dj S.u.B1 year ago

vote for my llo vote for ty

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