An remix of Fade and Faded (Alan Walker) with Delete Us (Barren Gates). Valerio Moscatello Remix.


WOBLA3 months ago

Voted back;)

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J@ck R?y
J@ck R?y3 months ago


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ØRIØN3 months ago

This is dope!!!

Check out my track "In My Head" and vote if you like it!
Cheers! -ORION

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Leo Teran
Leo Teran3 months ago

Great Remix! Voted

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban3 months ago

Amazing remix man, really good work! To anyone reading this comment i hope you have a good day!

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FQIR3 months ago

walker for life. this is neat. although the Alan feel is a little reduced in the intro a bit. Voted. Could you take a listen to my new track, 'Rangg', and see if its worth your vote? Connect on SoundCloud....... Lets support each other. ;)

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MMOWNERR3 months ago

great Remix, I say it from the heart

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YoungStyle3 months ago

Great remix! Amazing!
I can hear that you have a lot of talent!
Off course we as producers support each other and so I voted! Can you please vote back on my track "Let you get to me"?
I voted for your track because I loved it and who knows you will get to the TOP 10 of Spinnin again!!
On Soundcloud follow me and I will follow you too.
Thanks and good luck further!

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan3 months ago

You got my VOTE!
Thanks for the support !!! I wish you good luck and victories

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Pussyy_Destroyer xxx


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Exodipe3 months ago

Very cool sound ! Voted ! sur
Top Remix and quality

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5062678164149923 months ago

really nice

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Peak _Oz
Peak _Oz3 months ago

Great Track voted

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Cosmonov4 months ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME

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Fatih INCE
Fatih INCE4 months ago

Nice remix,voted.
Please,vote for my new song: Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve - Summer On You ( Fatih INCE Remix) Thanks:)

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Robert EM
Robert EM4 months ago

Nice remix! Voted! Grande! ;)

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ope64 months ago

voted you can vote my track is called sun...

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Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim4 months ago

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Dax Maxim
Dax Maxim4 months ago

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Emirix4 months ago

Hey there mate was wondering if you could check out my new track aurora if its reviewed genuinely i would be super grateful thanks!...

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