despues de un tiempo saco la primera parte del ep deluxe espero que les guste


3MA D3LGADO8 months ago

I love this very good
If it's not too much trouble vote for my songs please
Greetings from Costa Rica
If you ever need a collaboration listen to my songs maybe we can make a good song.

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SKYSA9 months ago

Great Work. Loved it. Voted for you . Please listen to my track ' we're the future ' , Do support. Thank you.

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ReyMod.com9 months ago

congratulations,for being up!!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, lol, you have talent I hope you do not forget to listen to my traks

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Annihilation9 months ago

Wow very nice track you got here. Your sounddesign and mastering is insane. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. If you have time, please
vote back for my new track "I´ll go rough". Wish you luck in the contest :D

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Solstiice9 months ago

Hey ope6
Good vibes ! Voted!
Please check my new remix (Leave a Light On).
Good luck for the next steps !

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Von Avi
Von Avi9 months ago

Good as always! 👌 Voted. Would you listen to my latest release "Future"? Perhaps leave a comment or a vote? Thanks and good luck!o

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DJ DEN9 months ago

Hi, OPE6!
Cool Job! Nice Theme!) Well done man! I'm already VOTED for you!
Please bro, VOTE for my new remix: The Him - Nothing On Us (Remix by DJ DEN)!
I have invested a lot in this remix, I tried!
Thank you very much for such great support!
Follow me on SoundCloud (If you have not already done this)
We are one Big Musical Family!
See you)

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TOXXIZ9 months ago

voted.. please vote for my track down"

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rougdrag9 months ago

Hei OPE6
cool music that I hear,
stay tuned,
I`Vote for you !!
if you have time listen to me and leave a vote there.
love and peace

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KHAmusic9 months ago

Great idea! Nice vibe! I like the song! Voted. Feel free to listen to my new track "Tomorrow"!!

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ASSEMBL3R9 months ago

Hey Ope6,

I listened to your track, and i like it!
you got definitely my vote :)

i want to ask you, to listen to my track "Regenwald" and give me some feedback.
and if you like it, vote for me back :D

Kind Regards,


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Von Avi
Von Avi9 months ago

hey dude!

Nice track, I love it, keep it up!
Practice every day and don't stop to make music!
You can reach your dream's!

I voted, please check our new single 'Future' and vote back if you like it.
YOUR vote is very important to me!

Good luck and best wishes, Von Avi!

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Soledad Maldonado
Soledad Maldonado9 months ago

Great remix
Check my new track #keep Going

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KHAmusic9 months ago

Great idea!! Nice vibe! I like the song! Voted. Feel free to listen to my new track "Tomorrow"!

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.stef9 months ago

Hey, ope6!

top ten! deservedly so. strange, almost atonal sounds. (overall a bit too quiet) but weird in the best way.
sounds like a few projects mashed together.
like it!

Voted & followed ya here and on SC.

I got some atomic-chiplike thing going on here; would be nice if you'd listen to it and maybe vote & follow me if you like what you hear!

atomic cheers from an anatomic boy,


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TheLoser;9 months ago

Cards on the table and stop the hipocrisy. Hard but true: I vote for your track if you vote for my actual submission: Dog Space (#Advocate 4 NoKill). Leave a comment, so i will know that you did it and as payback i´ll vote for yours. Win to Win. Thank you. Wish you the best.

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KHAmusic9 months ago

Great idea! Nice vibe! I like the song! Voted. Feel free to listen to my new track "Tomorrow"!!!

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OmicronMusic9 months ago

Ope6 your song is so crazy, I really love your drop, I want to dance it !!!!, I VOTE your song, please support my last LOST FREQUENCIES Remix!!

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delarosa9 months ago

Buen tema, vote por ti. Escucha mi ultima track y vota / comenta. Gracias.

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey9 months ago


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