Hi, this is my Remix of Nothing on Us :D . I will work on it in in the future and add some more instruments to the vocals then only sub bass :)

3m15kull23 days ago

Voted back (by comment)

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TheLoser;2 months ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest "Mr. Sponge the Technofant Demo”. it´s a win-win-deal.
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Leftblu2 months ago

This kinda sounds like Retrovision with some martin garrix like tweaks. Sounds cool, I like it!! (Voted already)

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RZR2 months ago

Cool track man! You got my vote! :D Hope you like mine and vote back :)))))))))))))

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Lipy112 months ago

Wow this is actually nicee..maybe some chords and then its top materrial...check out my remix also

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ANTHOON2 months ago

this deserves to be among the top positions! try to listen to mine; what do you think about it ?

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Saches2 months ago

Hey ma dudes, give me some clicks and votes! Thx

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OfficialBren2 months ago

Wow. Awesome remix, well done!

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Trio2 months ago

nice ive seen you here before my man!!! nice compeeting against you again! i voted please vote back for my entry thank you a lot fam!

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin2 months ago

Awesome work dude! Voted. Feel free to check my newest song „Haunted “ and give some feedback. I would love to get a vote by you as well! Best wishes from Germany! If you want to follow me here and/or on Soundcloud, YouTube & Spotify, I follow back for sure!

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Troen2 months ago

Great)))good luck with contest, voted

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Kai Coleman
Kai Coleman2 months ago

A very simple concept put into effective use.

I really liked the drop mixed with the deep house verses.

It would be nice if you could listen to my remix of this song. Thanks man!

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Elc2 months ago

Really cool bass sound! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to my mellow remix track "Nothing On Us".

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KyDeS2 months ago

HEYYY BROOO!!!, What a remix!!!!!, voted, please can you vote back to my remix?, love your track and good luck!

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SeMB!2 months ago

Nice remix bro !
Could you check my remix? I'm sure you will like it :)

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eicos&Diver2 months ago

hey bro
cool remix,
I`Vote for you,
please vote for my remix,
Many Thanks

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JIMMI2 months ago

I'm very happy with this Remix because now the world has a very unique upcoming producers who will take the music to a whole new level <3333333333333333333333333333
You have my vote and Please check out my Remix ( Nothing On Us ) and Vote for it brother !!!!!!!!

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen2 months ago

Voted for you.
Please check out my track "Clueless" and vote back if you liked it.
Thanks. Good luck!

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Jods2 months ago

Hi 1TC! I've listened to your track, I like it voted, I'd appreciate it if you can listen to my remix Nothing on us, and if you like to support me. Good luck!

Score: 2
Saches2 months ago

the buildup and break is to simple... the drop is the best part, try to work on the verse and break more.

Score: 2