as and EDM lover I wanted to change the genre of the whole track. The chords that I made are doing their job very well in this track . A layered Lead melody with some powerful sounds for the energy ..


teodulo10 months ago

Amazing remix
Voted for sure
Please checkout my latest track and tell me what do you think

Score: 0
Kelxang11 months ago

A awesome remix it...voted ✌️😬

Score: 1
TheLoser;11 months ago

I´ll vote for your track if you´ll vote for my latest "Mr. Sponge the Technofant Demo”. it´s a win-win-deal.
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Leftblu11 months ago

Hey Hey! Nice track I like it & voted!

Btw, recently uploaded new song (actually remix - The Him remix contest). I would love you to check it out and then drop a fat VOTE on it if it sounds dope for you ;)

Score: 1
2sxmmer11 months ago

I like the sounds used in your track, especially the progressions before the refrain. But during the refrain, give the quarter synth chords a little break - they really sound nice and fit well but use them in a lower dose, not permanently. Great work anyway!

Score: 1
JIMMI11 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, highly appreciated
I'll be working on this in the future
Thanks bro .. <3

Score: 0
Eestpavel11 months ago

COOL! Check PLEASE my Nothing On Us remix now;)

Score: 1
Emll Nñez
Emll Nñez11 months ago

Great work very melodic!!!
Voted back

Score: 1
RZR11 months ago

Super cool track! Voted back :)

Score: 1
Boog11 months ago

Great track !!!
Vote !

Score: 1
Lipy1111 months ago

Avicii is this you?....check out my remix!

Score: 1
ANTHOON11 months ago

Jimmi your remix is very catchy! But I know you can commit more! you vote!

Score: 1
OfficialBren11 months ago

Really awesome take on the track! The melodic vibe is perfect. If you could take a look at my remix of the track, I would really appreciate it! Well done!

Score: 1
rougdrag11 months ago

Hey, jimmy,
thank you for your comment to my song somewhere,
if you want you can listen to my new song"state of mind",
I`Vote back for you,
good luck with the contest here,
love and peace

Score: 1
Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban11 months ago

Hey Jimmi, this was a really dope remix. I hope you make it far in the contest. You have my vote
With that said, i do hope you can vote back on my latest track 'Domains' and leave some feedback. It would mean a lot

Score: 1
cman  beats
cman beats11 months ago

nice remix thanks for the vote and support thanks again this is a really good remix

Score: 1
I3VAX11 months ago

tank you brother

Score: 0
IDC Records
IDC Records11 months ago

nice and clean EDM, great vocal work, clear and good sound qlty on the beats, great use of instruments! voted
and thanks for your comment!

Everything above this is my honest opinion, because I actually listen to your tracks!
Please check out my new track I WANT MONEY and vote if u like it. thanks

Score: 0
KRIsmusic12311 months ago

Love the bass <3

Score: 1
Sonitari111 months ago

nice! excellent melody, voted!

Score: 1
DEANO.OFFICIAL11 months ago

Great remix!
You have my vote ;)
Check please my new single "Let Me Go"
Good luck in chart!

Score: 1