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JuRimix1 year ago

My name is JuRimix and unlike others I will follow you and vote for you. :)
please support me too :)

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Annihilation1 year ago

Wow very nice track you got here. Your sounddesign and mastering is insane. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. If you have time, please
vote back for my new track "IΒ΄ll go rough". Wish you luck in the contest :D

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos1 year ago

Cool track . if you ever want real feedback please reach out to me. Check out my tracks if you think any are worthy of your vote then I'm grateful for your support. Follow me on here or soundcloud and email anytime . Keep up the good work:)

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Julez Sky
Julez Sky1 year ago

Nice Song voted
Please vote back new Song Jump

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ASnR1 year ago

Really cool track, love the vocals and what you did with them. Nice vibes and love the melody, just gave you my vote! Please if you don't mind go check out my remix on "Nothing On Us", I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback and a vote if you enjoy it. Thank you!!!

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Cool track !
I wanna share a tip of mine with you..
Something many of us non-professional producers sometimes forget is, layering.
It's really important because layering is the KEY to achieving the professional sound !!
It can be used to make sounds richer and fatter and using the attack of one layer and release of another can add sonic variation to catch your listeners ears.
However here comes my little secret part, almost everyone processes their synths while listening to only the synth, but it's crucial to always listen to how each and every synth sounds in the whole general mix.
Sometimes you might have to add a lot of distortion or use a stereo shaper strongly, and when you listen to the synth by itself it feels like it's uncomfortable and you would never do it that way. But we forget the sound changes considerably once every single instrument is playing in the mix and some overlay the others because they're processed in order to stand out more !
If you're an advanced producer, you can even employ different ADSR parameters on each layer so that the sound continually morphs between the different layers.
I hope if this tip will help you, and I'm happy to share it with you because every single detail matters..
If you have any question or want some help someday with anything, you can follow me on instagram and send me a message there with your question, or on soundcloud if you prefer.
By the way, I would love if you could send me back some support for my latest track "Wish". Thanks !

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Ragnarock1 year ago

Heey, nice track!
Voted for you.
Please check out my last remix ,,Good Time" by Owl City and vote back if you liked it.
Thanks. Good luck, bro!

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TOXXIZ1 year ago

Voted..please vote for my track "Down" ''

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Hi Aziko. I voted for you. Please vote back for my new track "Wish I Could Go." Thanks!

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DJ DEN1 year ago

Cool Job! Nice Theme!) Well done man! I'm VOTED for you!
Please bro, VOTE for my new remix: The Him - Nothing On Us (Remix by DJ DEN)(If you have not already done this)!
I have invested a lot in this remix, I tried!
Thank you very much for such great support!
Follow me on SoundCloud (If you have not already done this)
We are one Big Musical Family!
See you)

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Niwantha Sri
Niwantha Sri1 year ago

Hey Aziko.., Cool sound..Keep it up bro,
I Voted it.. If you like please vote for my track "Turn It UP Louder" too. Thanks man!
Good Luck for the future..!

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ASSEMBL3R1 year ago

HeyAziko ,

I listened to your track, and i like it!
you got definitely my vote :)

i want to ask you, to listen to my track "Regenwald" and give me some feedback.
and if you like it, vote for me back :D

Kind Regards,


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Sander Matell
Sander Matell1 year ago

Good job! You have my vote πŸ‘ Could you listen to my track "My Way" and perhaps leave a comment or a vote? Thanks and good luck 😊

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5π–†π–“π–“π–Žπ–› π•Έπ–šπ–˜π–Žπ–ˆ

Awesome track brother, I supported with a valuable vote, hope you support too with your vote for my new track "The Otherside".......

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

Nice :) You've got my vote!, please vote for my new song and please follow me

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Horbatso1 year ago

cool track great chop voted for you!
Please check out my track "Warm" and vote back if you liked it.
Thank you!

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi man I Vote for your fire tune chcek my new track and voted too broo

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Ey Fellow, your song is Stunnin'!! Listening the drop with the Lead and the Bass... well the sound is perfect, I just add a couple more of gain in the compress-sound to make the kick more strong and split out the Frequencies between 50Hz to 150Hz with the EQ (Don't forget basic configuration to the kick: 5 or 6 dB, ratio 4:1, release in 200ms and attack in 0.1ms, and to the bass the ratio 3:1, attack between 2 and 10ms and 100ms of release, obiously taking this just like a reference and this like a advise). I believe that give a emotional and thrilling sensation on whole song. You have my vote definitely! I would like that you take a couple of minutes and check my latest song "Love me Tonight" a original song mad!e for me and give a vote. I would be grateful with you!! Keep making this kind of songs brother!! The Spinnin Records TOP is waiting for you!!!

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Max Madd β˜‘οΈ

Hey Aziko, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my new track X ! Thanks!

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