Hope you like my new Remix!


Leftblu1 year ago

Hey! Nice track :) I think those plucky sounds before drop are a bit too wide. Some other elements also are out of center but they are acceptable pretty much. ;)

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Jods1 year ago

Hi ERLAND S! I've listened to your track, I like it voted, I'd appreciate it if you can listen to my remix Nothing on us, and if you like to support me. Good luck! Follow me at Soundcloud.

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin1 year ago

Awesome work! Voted. Feel free to check my newest song „Haunted “ and give some feedback bro. I would love to get a vote by you as well! Best wishes from Germany! If you want to follow me here and/or on Soundcloud, YouTube & Spotify, I follow back for sure!

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