Back 4 Yuh


Enjoy it bro!


CLEOZIP1 year ago

Nice track.. Voted.... Check to my track LOL.. hope you can vote it back

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BRAUNFUFEL1 year ago

Oh god, love your music dude! This bassline is really cool!

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PENZ921 year ago

Good job! I voted for her. Listen to my new work and if you like, vote...

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi I voted for your track check my new and vote too bro.

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R E V E N1 year ago

Nice track man got my vote! Please Vote back for my track with Raz Boy "Let's Get Married"
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One tip: Easy way to add variation is with drums, listen to my track as an example!

I actually voted, you can check by my supported tracks and that you xp has increased!

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Harry Rouge
Harry Rouge1 year ago

Very nice track! I vote for it. Can you vote back please on my last remix "How We Know" !
Also you can follow my SoundCloud I will follow you back !

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pashapotemkin1 year ago

good job.) I want a male recitative a little louder.

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Peter Pinehiller

Voted!vote back my X ! Thanks!

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Cool work!
You have my vote ;)
Check please my new single "Let Me Go"
Good luck in chart!

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Biray1 year ago

This track is cool good mixte with rock and electronic sound

I think that the track has a good potential

FULL support and you havemy vote. I waits for your next track.

Listen my last track " WGR" and If you like vote for my track and support me.

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ZEOLIGHT1 year ago

Hey brother!
I'm enjoying I guess your 'yuh' would have enjoyed (just kidding)
I'm sorry if you didn't like my lame joke😂
Nice work you put in your track, you thought yourself good, well I'm not good enough to judge your track but you really got great skills just needs a bit more improvement, overall your track was good.
I voted for your appreciable work..
Seeing your talent I'd like to have your reviews on my tracks if you could, if you're not that busy
Thank You

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Andre Colo
Andre Colo1 year ago

Hey bro you have my vote, good sound i really like it,
Please for my last song “Tomorrow” and vote it!!

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Master Jay
Master Jay1 year ago

I voted for your track, it's so good !
Check my last song "love for the future", good luck !

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HBTRS1 year ago

Hi, awesome track !!!, good job!, I like it! Voted!, You could vote for my new song "fl-chan in (Mix Cut)" I would really appreciate, greetings! :)

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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Hello Brother.
First of all, okay?
Vote on your music, excellent production and repercussion.
I'm following you!.
Could you do the same kindness?
I just released a new demo * Discovery *, I ask for your vote, listen, it's okay, and if you can follow me and leave a message, thank you.

Success and embrace ..

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Munay Music
Munay Music1 year ago

Good track!!! Voted!!
I would be glad if you vote for my new track "Let me Try".
Thanks bro.

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