Bring Me To Life

Eric Larson

Different genre, but I liked the wobble synth so much!


PXZEL1 year ago

yo eric, sweet trapp mannn, love that flowwwww, keep up the grind, you got my vote! i just put out a new zodiac edm, gemini ! lmk if i did it right

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

My name is Dmitri Ramsey
I listened to your track. This is a very cool and high-quality track.
If you can easily vote for my last track Poker
You can also go to the SoundCloud And like and repost my track and I like your track in soundcloud
thank you in advance

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Calm Winds
Calm Winds1 year ago

Wow nice track bro! That's what I call a good music! I love it. You've Definitely got my vote there. If you want to you could go and listen to my new track "I Wanna Know (CALM WINDS REMIX)" and vote for it if you'd like to :).

All good for you

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ELM71 year ago

🔊Hi, I voted for you, please vote on my "Make Me Yours" remix
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Lusitany1 year ago

Nice track! Awesome sound!
Voted. Vote back on my track BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.
I voted for your track because I loved it and who knows you will get TOP of Spinnin !! Maybe I'll play this music at the disco.
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Thanks and good luck!

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TOBI CHERRIX1 year ago

It is not my genre, but i really enjoyed your track. You got my vote. Please check out my track endboss and vote back. Thank you ❤️

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DMTR✪1 year ago

like your style VOTED ;)
listen to my song and give me a vote ;)
When you like my track maybe we can be in contact ;)

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DMTR✪1 year ago

like your style VOTED ;)
listen to my song and give me a vote ;)
When you like my track maybe we can be in contact ;)

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi great wobble vibe voted for your track check my new track and voted too.!

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CRPL3D1 year ago

sick track man! feeling this one..voted and supported!...can you gimme a vote back on my track "WALK MY WAY" thanks,

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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my new tracks RITMO & LOVESONG! Thanks!


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Annasky1 year ago

Hello Eric, cool track. I voted for you, I would be happy if you too would vote for my track "Annasky - NightVision (Original ShortMix)". Greetings Annasky ...good sounds

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Y A Y A1 year ago

Hi, I like it. You have my VOTE. :) Can you listen my song and send me some feedback, vote back if you like?
--> WHY
Thank you\\\\\

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club1 year ago

Hey Eric Larson!

This music is amazing, very unique, keep it up! We like it so much and you got our vote of course!
We hope you reach the top on the list!

Can you check our new music called Shitsuren, and if you like it can you vote for us?
Thank you so much have a great day.

King regards, Nayour X Breshka

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eternal991 year ago

Dude this is super good. I think the trnsnder saw wobbles are super good and i'm getting boombox cartel - alamo vibes! The mix could use a bit of work. There is a lot of mud in 80 hz - 100 hz zone so cut the lows on everything exept the bass. With the dubstep bass shots in the drop compress them but then bring them back up with a saturator. If your in fl just use the waveshaper! Once you mix it this could be a hit!

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Eric Larson
Eric Larson1 year ago

Thank you, I'll definitely try that! Cheers Eric

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MARK VOSS1 year ago

Wow, just amazing ERIC LARSON. Very cool track. I voted for you!
Please vote back my crazy new track "U and I"
Thank you!!

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)

Voted,please vote for my new track"I get knock down"!!

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The Lofersy
The Lofersy1 year ago

Vote. Good job★!
I like your track.♥)))
Pls, check my track and vote back. Many thanks✾. Good luck!✿

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AraasOfficial1 year ago

I vote for you. Please check my new track "Never give up" and vote back. Good Luck!

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️1 year ago

Hey Eric, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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