Hi guys, please listen to my song and give me some feedback.


BrotherCharles1 year ago


Good work! You have my support. Voted!

I like to support those that express creativity and passion. If possible, please check out my track release: "RHYMING SUNSHINE".

I would be delighted to receive your vote of support and/or comment feedback.


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I Am Trojan
I Am Trojan1 year ago

This is quite addictive!!!

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I Am Trojan
I Am Trojan1 year ago


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Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks1 year ago

I already voted for your dope song but can you please do the same for my new song Tea

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Sphinx1 year ago

Love this dude!! !! Voted! (Please check out my new track ''Paradox'')

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Akashii1 year ago

I am sorry that this is a copied and pasted comment but I don't really have enough time to ask everyone for their vote ): ( Life )

I just wanted to tell you that I checked out your track and I voted for it!!!!! Would you do the same for me please?

I have a track on my profile called Resolve that I would like for to reach the top place. Could you vote it please if you liked it?

And also if possible please give your honest feedback on it if you have the time? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!! Lets make the world a great place with our music!!! Cheers!!!! 🍻 🍻

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MD3SIGN1 year ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "4EVER4U"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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STRX1 year ago

Nice one man! I would suggest to work on the mix a bit more. In the drop I think you can make the hats pop a bit more and also boost the kick because right now I can hardly hear it. Good work overall, keep it up! Would you like to check out my track aswell ?

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd1 year ago

Good job Q-SIde, voted!

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R3YCAM1 year ago

Hello!! Q-SIDE
I hope and you are having an excellent day,
if you have already voted for my track "GHOST TOWN" 😬 otherwise I ask you to please listen 🎶 to the track and if you like,
vote for it. You can also follow 📱 me on soundcloud and I follow him 👻👻

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AVEK1 year ago

So crazy! Voted! Can you vote back for my new track "Shut Down"?

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

Good Vibes.! Voted "Severed Ties" is my song..! Please vote back on it

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TeiX Music
TeiX Music1 year ago

Voted ! Would apreciate if you could check out my remix of the classical hit Firework by Katy Perry !

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Hit_za1 year ago

voted please vote for my track too

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VatoPerro131 year ago

Votedd! Please take time to review my single "FUCKROBEGANG"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Väpä1 year ago

Damn! That's my side Q, very good mix and that bass is massive!!! Voted and Supported. Hope you can vote my new track"Zermatt" too, thank you a lot and good luck.

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3MA D3LGADO1 year ago

Good song voted, please vote for my songs. Thanks in advance.

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Eternal Zoom
Eternal Zoom1 year ago

This is really good. Thanks for voting. ϟ∞_∞ϟ

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Hit_za1 year ago

Voted !!! I hope you will vote back

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ELM71 year ago

I voted for you, please vote for my remix "Still In Love"
Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you!🎧

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