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Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks2 months ago

Nice job you got my vote fam can you please vote for my new song Tea

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban3 months ago

I already voted for this one, a really nice tune.

If you want to, feel free to check out my latest tune 'State Of Trance' and leave a vote if you like it!

Thank you very much bro and happy holidays!

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BenceSudar3 months ago

Nice, you got my vote :D Can you please vote back?
You don't have to...
But I would be happy :)
Thank you :D

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TeiX Music
TeiX Music3 months ago

voted back my friend😉

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FLR3 months ago

sorry my comment is bugged

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FLR3 months ago

you have a little problem with the syncronisation between the voice and the track, the voice is a little bit lower than the track(2-3 semitones) ,try to improve your sound design ,in the buildup try to add more things like riser ,automation ect ,it's too empty BTW train youself ,try to add more sound like strings ,ambiance,drums ,keep trying, i vote for you :)

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Kevin Colin.
Kevin Colin.3 months ago

Hi, good track! Could you listen to my track 'Summer love'and vote back? Thanks

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Miss Tonica
Miss Tonica3 months ago

👍voted,thanks for you're support✌️

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DJ SYNT3 months ago

Cool track, I love your style bro whoa! Voted/Followed Can you vote back? <3

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Daferra3 months ago

🔊 You got my vote!! Could you please give my track a vote too? I would be very thankful!
📷 Instagram @daferramusic - I'll follow back
🎵 Soundcloud @daferra

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WERTHarsh3 months ago

Thanks for your support voted you

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3MA D3LGADO3 months ago

Good song voted, please vote for my songs. Thanks in advance,

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J@ck R?y
J@ck R?y3 months ago


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CoenvdE3 months ago

nice man. supported

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delarosa3 months ago

Nice! Voted. Please check out my latest track and vote / comment. Thanks.

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rougdrag3 months ago

Thanks for vote and comment,
I`Vote back for you,
good luck,
love and peace

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PXZEL3 months ago

yo energy, thanks for commenting on my track, got you back, keep up the good work :D !

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Chico Panda
Chico Panda3 months ago

Voted 🐼 if you are grateful too can support me, did we forget, good luck!

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Loki.3 months ago

Hear my new banger ´Nightlife´.Sure you like it, vote and comment what you think!

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CJ213 months ago

Thanks for checking out my Tequila remix! Voted back

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