Deal With That EP2


Second song of the #ExtendedPlaylist - To Memories We Turn. *If any label wants to sign/license this and has Vocalists in their roster, I'd be glad to work with some vocalist and can really turn this Song to another level. *Even the drop can be worked on if I get vocal top melody *Facebook : *SoundCloud : Insta :


NuVo1 year ago

love it

amazing track, great production.


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Unknown3213211 year ago

Good luck & great work! Good luck & great work! Good luck & great work! Good luck & great work! Good luck & great work! Good luck & great work!

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JinJinJinJin1 year ago

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Avdik.m1 year ago

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JinJinJinJin1 year ago

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker1 year ago

cool track!
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good luck2

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D3EPANK1 year ago

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MAHDI1 year ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
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Sunny Syndicate
Sunny Syndicate1 year ago


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DIONESIUM1 year ago

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LUSHER1 year ago

This is awesome! Love it! Voted :)
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Keep doing what you're doing.
Thanks once again :)

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Soledad Maldonado

Nice work!! Voted!
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Thanks SM

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ULTRASONIX!1 year ago

Great track, voted and followed 👍😊

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin1 year ago

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Tom Mind
Tom Mind1 year ago

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×Björn×1 year ago


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Dj Evo Bloem
Dj Evo Bloem1 year ago

nice voted

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ULTRASONIX!1 year ago

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DOOM1N1 year ago

Voted, hope you can vote back:)

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