New Collaboration Track with @MountainHF!


Basteriza1 year ago

voted, please go see my new remix of carla morrison, I hope you like it :D

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Alexander cM
Alexander cM1 year ago

me encanta =)

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JuLiMz111 year ago

Voted :D

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SpaceAge Timmy
SpaceAge Timmy1 year ago

awesome thank you for your support I voted!

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Dan Wild
Dan Wild1 year ago

This is awesome!

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LessTroPied1 year ago

WOW nice track voted back so good fresh music

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala1 year ago

Amazing man!
Voted bro!
Take a listen to "Lazy Coda" downtempo synth beats and support me if U like...

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Batuhan Aydil
Batuhan Aydil1 year ago

Thanks for support and vote man! You have my vote back, thank you and good luck ;)
For everyone, if you support me, i’ll support you back ;)

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Zebazmusic1 year ago

Thank you! Interesting track!

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Bluebatti1 year ago

Hey, amazing track! Really good work! You got my vote!

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eicos&Diver1 year ago

thx for support,
we vote back,

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UNEK1 year ago

Hi great job here I hope some label finde you and you will sing, if you looking for some Vote try me, just write comment and I Vote back for shure! Good luck in Spinnin Records talent pool broo!!!

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T-EL3KTRON1 year ago

this really good got my vote

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Andy Nold
Andy Nold1 year ago

Yeah! voted for you bro!!!!Would be nice if you vote back to Andy Nold Say Good bye!!!!thx Andy you can also hear more tracks on sc!

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Strange Melody
Strange Melody1 year ago

I really like it, It is very nice melody . Voted !!!

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Myawolls1 year ago

Really great mixing and mastering, I liked!! VOTED!!!! Could I have your appreciable support on my new track? I would thank it you much!

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DJ.wilstars1 year ago


Vote for my new track
Go through my page

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Longer ozzy
Longer ozzy1 year ago

Lit af drop i like it
Voted and supported
Pls vote back on my new track called whoops!!!!

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Ellzy1 year ago

thanks, I voted too

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AzeR1 year ago

nice, voted!!!!!!!

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