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KooZ9 months ago

This track is so good very nice melody and chord progression. Voted! Please vote for my new track Bondocks. Thanks!

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Enomis9 months ago

cool Track Man, Really Good Vibes, voted. Please Vote my new track Alarm

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann9 months ago

Hey, awesome track! Keep this great work up, love it. I voted for you!
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SLICKYY9 months ago

dope! keep it up, you got my vote for sure!
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Warry9 months ago

You Have All My Support!
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85 Rifles
85 Rifles9 months ago

Hi TheLavish, beautifull track, very clean with nice vocal, I voted for you please check my track " Hey Mamacita" Thx a lot and good luck.

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Loki.9 months ago

Good job! Hear my new banger ¨SNAKES¨ and tell me which drop is your favorite! Sure you like it!

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TheReindeers9 months ago

Cool man! Top 10!

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DAMIN TSHUP9 months ago

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Kushal9 months ago

Interesting Elements in your Track, love it!
Voted for Sure!
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Bold669 months ago


You have my vote

I liked your style, the drop is impressive.

Can you vote me back please?

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Lello_Oliver9 months ago

Hello THE LAVISH, New Year, how are you?
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Nomis.K9 months ago

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Keep the good work up Guys !

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Mike Zaloxx
Mike Zaloxx9 months ago

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DJ Trou du cul & Jacky

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller9 months ago

voted! vote back my WE LET IT GO!thanks! aaa

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Flawd Souls
Flawd Souls9 months ago

The Lavish Loved this so much wow!!! Really nice job choosing your sounds and the producing is very well done! Very excited to see where your music takes you, very talented! We have voted and supported. If you have the time we would love your feedback on our latest remix Faking it - Lost Stories Cheers and all the best

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ZAN9099 months ago

Lavish, Nice work. very impressed!! would you check my newest track called "Jack (Original Mix)"?

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H.A.R.D.I.E.9 months ago

Hey brother good job you have a lot of talent I love your track I wish you much success,
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JG´ X9 months ago

What a colleague, I like your track, I like your style, I vote for you !!
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Good vibes.

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