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N3RVE2 months ago

Nice Track DDiserpier, I Voted! Can you help me out and vote for my remix of "Let you love me". Thx

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MAHDI2 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
Give the Voted Back

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Dj Evo Bloem
Dj Evo Bloem2 months ago


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KANDII2 months ago

This is amazing.

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Miss Tonica
Miss Tonica2 months ago

Voted,thanks for youre support👍

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OXER2 months ago

I like it)
I think piano chords and drums are too quiet cause lead melody sound too loud
But it is nice

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Lunastra2 months ago

So I checked out your track here!

I think the drop is too lush isn't it?
You need to blast the drop up after the intro and verses!

Overall: I like your track and voted for you:)
Thank you for your feedback on my track!


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TURB✪J✪HN2 months ago

good energy! vote!

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ARHL AI2 months ago

really love with what you've done with this classic vocal Diserpier. its really well made! voted

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Maiocchi2 months ago

Cool track! Vote for my Big track! :) U got my vote latest song MYOKI - YEAH and vote if u like! PZ

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Dj Rav
Dj Rav2 months ago

nice job bro voted

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Disentr2 months ago

love the track bro thanks for the vote you certainly have mine supper original LOVE IT love the old-timey feeling this track is going places

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I like this, good track! Voted!

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J@ck R?y
J@ck R?y2 months ago

Sounds dope!!

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RobinShulz2 months ago

Sweet Style. I like very much! Keep working!

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TimBergling2 months ago

That's remember me, my style. Good job. Be my next one.

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UNEK2 months ago

I voted check my new remix and give COol vote too ! thanks!

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MeekLaX2 months ago

Nice vibe man! Voted

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Blasterbandit2 months ago

-Blasterbandit: I love the emotion in this track absolutely great work!

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FERLOARG2 months ago

Voted for you voted back mi new track / ILUTIONS

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