BraveLion - Hopelight


ZEKA_OFFICIAL9 months ago

Hey, Nice track!!! Voted!! Can you plz check my new EDM Psy& Progressive house track and vote if you like? Appreciated!!!

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Rosell Official
Rosell Official9 months ago

Dope super cool!

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Kevin_Sihwan9 months ago


I'm now listening to your track and the kick sound is really nice!! But I think it should be longer a little bit to release your track:)

But it sounds really nice

If you neeed any feedback, plz let me know :)

I voted for you and if you like my track, "Kevin Sihwan - Bounce", It would be great to vote back for me!!


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Estinex9 months ago

Hey bravelion! Back again with another hit ;) Love the track and really feeling the artwork.
I'm a musician and producer making both YouTube stuff and original music. Actually just posted a remix on Spinnin, sick if you could check it out!

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Pieter Dumon
Pieter Dumon9 months ago

Nice melodies!

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Dasty929 months ago

Very good

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Sander Divino
Sander Divino9 months ago

really chill vibes and relaxing sound, mixing wise also awesome, got my vote! Would be awesome if u check out my track :)

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing9 months ago

Still love the tropical style, very chill !

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theAapex9 months ago

Hi, I loved your track a lot! I voted (for real :D) , good job :)
It would be great if you could check out my song "Microbe"(It is the first song that I posted here, I am new actually) and vote on it if you like it. 
Thanks a lot and good luck :)
Hope we reach to the top!

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DEENTR9 months ago

Nice track,I love the vibe voted,check out my new track "SWING".

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Vector9 months ago

HEY Hopelight! Nice track, I voted! Please check out my brand new song “Scars” and be sure to vote back!

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Harwok9 months ago

good job

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HIWEX9 months ago

Nice one, keep it up, voted!

Hey everyone!

My new track "Destroyer" is out,check it out!

Means a lot!

Much love, thanks!

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MAHDI9 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
Give the Voted Back

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jaspreeetmusic9 months ago

nice chill music..loved it...voted..also check out my track "fireball" also...

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jaspreeetmusic9 months ago

nice chill music..loved it...voted..also check out my track "fireball" also

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BeksultaN9 months ago

Rate my remix of the track Merk Кremont -sushi

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Dj Heemix
Dj Heemix9 months ago

BraveLion, nice track!! Voted! Please vote my track “Colossus”

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DIONESIUM9 months ago

hi there,
If you want as extra vote-
1)Vote for my track You'll Never Be Alone
2)Comment, letting me know that youve voted
3)Wait for a bit, ill vote back
please help me, im at 115, i want to get to the top 100

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ORIES9 months ago

i voted !

I Support you !
Checkout my new remix by Train - Hey Soul Sister. Give me a vote and comment if you like ! Much love to you guys from Indonesia !

Kindly, ORIES.

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