DARI5 months ago

Cool :) Really funky. Voted :)

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Vote exchange! Get my vote and vote back to my last track! Cheers!

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Lello_Oliver7 months ago

Hello BROW
I like your music, I vote the most, welcome my social and professional network.
You have my vote to reach the top.
We know how spinnin we are, we are all producers and we are looking for success, can I count on your vote ???
If you give me my head, too.
This is my new release * WIN LONDON UNDERGROUND and I'm also remixed by SUSHI, listen and voat ai ...

Thanks and Hugs!!!!!

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LUSHER7 months ago

This is great! Voted.

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Artturo7 months ago

great man work returned my vote

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FLR7 months ago

good work voted :)

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TOMAS_BALAZ7 months ago

nice remix i voted for you bro

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YKLA7 months ago

Dope track! def have my vote


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Tom Mind
Tom Mind7 months ago

Thanks for your vote:) Nice remix:) Voted!

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Ohmast7 months ago

Love it ! voted

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BeksultaN7 months ago

Rate my remix of the track Merk Кremont – sushi
Vote for my remix! I will vote for your track to................................................................................................................

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EINNOSZ7 months ago

this is very cool track, finally u got my voted,
this is must in top 10. keep it up man i will support you :D
and take a minutes to listen my track "THEME SONG UNDERTAKER (REQUENOSZ REMIX)" if necessary and "BUBBLEGUM" my previous track
Good luck in chart
Best regards

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Lanhellas Gabe
Lanhellas Gabe7 months ago

Hey Nvee, Nice one! VOTED!!
Please can u VOTE in my Remix = "SUSHI"?
I will appreciate. All the Best for u. Thanks ;)

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VuSonic7 months ago

Loving this analog sound .. could be a bit punchier but really spot on! Voted ..
If u get the chance come check out my remix. Hope you enjoy
All the best

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JCTR7 months ago

Nice track voted!! Check my new track JCTR - Must Do It!

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rougdrag7 months ago

thx for vote and comment,
good work here,
here is my Vote for you;-)
Love and Peace

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3MA D3LGADO7 months ago

Good Music, Voted!!

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Sounds great! Voted!

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Andrea Crocicchia
Andrea Crocicchia7 months ago

Your remix is ​​fantastic, I've already voted it. Please also vote mine !!

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Andrea Crocicchia
Andrea Crocicchia7 months ago

Your remix is ​​fantastic, I've already voted it. Please also vote mine !

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