BraveLion - New Day


Dj Mb95
Dj Mb951 year ago

Great track,voted
Vote me back

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LOWI3music1 year ago

Great please dont, whatever you do, dont vote on my really boring track. Regards.

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MARTIN JONES1 year ago

Hi I listened your song it's great . Vote . Vote back to my track

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TayTay1 year ago


Very well mastered. Voted. If you have some time come check out my new song Priority1a.


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M.X1 year ago

Really dope, voted, if you could, vote for my new remix " Crazy Daft (Remix Daft Punk & Red Hot Chilli Peppers)", regards

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Roman_Novelrain1 year ago

Super track, I voted!

Please, vote to my last track "Young love"

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vertywerty1 year ago

Hey! I just voted! I like this song anyways you could give a listen to my new song called Dystopia and give a vote if you like it!

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Voted! Check out my new track 'Stranger Danger' and give some feedback!

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Angello Vegas
Angello Vegas1 year ago

A great song I invite you to listen to my song under the title Summer, of course, I voted

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NZASA1 year ago

Great Track! Got my vote :) I just uploaded a new track as well, would love to get your feedback -- 'Bounce' xx

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert1 year ago

Nice track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
Feel free to listen to my new track "That Thing...".
Follow me on SoundCloud if You like my music .

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Luke Tidbury1 year ago

Hi. Great song. Voted. Check out my new song 'Ayyyy'.

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theAapex1 year ago

Hi :).
I listened to your track and voted for it, you got my support! :) 
it would be so nice if you can check out my new track "The Bridge" and vote on it if you like it of course. 
I would really appreciate your support, thanks,,,

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Christian  Christofh

What a beautiful song that I love, it goes on like this! Definitely vote your song and I would ask you to vote for the song "Guitarist in love"

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Rongga R
Rongga R1 year ago

Very Good! Voted!
Could You Please Vote My Track " Missing " Thanks!

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LAAN1 year ago

Hi, good work! I love it. Definitely voted! Please, check my last tracks and if you like it vote. Cheers!!

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams1 year ago

Hey man, this track is unreal, VOTED!! Please check out my tracks and VOTE if you enjoy! I also follow back everybody on SoundCloud!!!!!

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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Hello BROW
I like your music, I vote the most, welcome my social and professional network.
You have my vote to reach the top.
We know how spinnin we are, we are all producers and we are looking for success, can I count on your vote ???
If you give me my head, too.
This is my new release * ALRIGHT, listen and voat ai ...

Thanks and Hugs

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JavierOg4Life1 year ago

hBrooks number 2:) lol nice track bud

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Rusabero1 year ago

BRAVELION,I really liked your track) I voted for it) You can listen to my remix "Bigroom Never Dies" and vote for it if you like it)

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