LessTro- Jack (Remix Captain Jack) Original Track : https://open.spotify.com/track/2L5FEDC0MU2a6OEkLjByEd?si=c42fUyjCS72fcmRiOUd_9g Captain Jack : https://www.captain-jack.com/ Mix by LessTroPied : http://lesstro.obior.cc/


Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome1 year ago


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J <3

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

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K3JO1 year ago

Hey!!! I don't want to give you a fake comment because they sucks, but maybe we can do vote for vote (K3JO vs. Zhu - Faded)? I'm not a greedy person, so I'm gonna give you a vote! Good Luck, bro!!!

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DJ Helix
DJ Helix1 year ago

Great Track! VOTED Bro! You have my Support LESSTRO!
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“Merk & Kremont - Sushi (Helix Remix)” it took support from Sunstars, Smack… ! Thanks!

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PXZEL1 year ago

yo lesstropied, this vibe is fire man, love those feels, that rhythm is tight too, great work, keep it up man, i like this style for yah, def in the zone - leaving you a vote, you deserve it! If you got a sec, check out my new collaboration album, just put out the 3rd track “5D” midtempo/chiptune collaboration!

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Sxul1 year ago

Hope you are going to make this far , keep sharing your music , i voted for your track and followed you as well ,
at least that might help you a tiny bit , never stop , you can be one of the best in couple of months.

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KinAhau1 year ago

Damnnnnnn, I felt in love with this, this is crazy goood. Voted for sureee! Hope you can vote back for my last remix of Merk & Kremont´s track "Sushi". Good luck and thankssss, can´t wait to hear whats coming next dudeeeeeee

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

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Peter Pinehiller

Voted!vote back my NEVER LETTING GO! Thanks!


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OfficialMovi1 year ago

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Thanks for supporting me! :)

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Lobbypro1 year ago

Voted for you'r remix LESSTROPIED, I like the production quality alot of this one, you have my support.
Could you take a moment to check out my song "Lost" and vote for it

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HVZELNUT!1 year ago

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oneZero11 year ago

Very good job.
I'm voting for you.
If you have time, please listen to my new trance track "do you remember " and write a short feedback.
Best also on Soundcloud.
That would be great.
Thank you

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ZETRYJEN1 year ago

cool remix, voted. vote back for my last track "Northern Lights" i tried very hard

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