Voices (Original Mix)

Ayrthon Sotelo & Danny Okmpo

Hello guys! We are back with our new song ¨VOICES¨ I hope you like it very much. Thank you for your support like always. you´re Amazing. Make sure to following us in our social media and share with all of your friends! VOICES: https://open.spotify.com/album/5HrWHOdbGJG0Re6BA0eWD5 https://www.amazon.com/Voices-Ayrthon-Sotelo-Danny-Okmpo/dp/B07PH6FK5G/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Ayrthon+Sotelo&qid=1553431466&s=dmusic&sr=1-1-spell


Blisstek1 year ago

Hi ! I have just checked and voted to your track !
Please do check out my new track 'Noisepedia' if you like it then kindly vote support share and comment on it . I am waiting for you

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Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass1 year ago

Voted. Its a nice track, good work man. Please check out and vote/ comment for my new remix to "Madison Mars - Mirai". Thanks in advance.

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OfficialMovi1 year ago

Hey. I hope you can support my remix of Madison Mars - Mirai! If you like it your vote would be awesome! :D

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LO-KOST1 year ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be grateful if you checked my new bootleg of DJ Snake x Eptic – SouthSide ! ;)

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HVZELNUT!1 year ago

damn this good vibes broh, you have my voted. you must trust me, this track will reach top 10 :D
and if u can, please check my remix contest "MIRAI (REQUENOSZ REMIX)"
and good lucck in chart
see you next time

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OfficialMovi1 year ago

Hey. I hope you can support my remix of Madison Mars - Mirai! If you like it your vote would be awesome! :D

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Chelle Martin
Chelle Martin1 year ago

Great sounds here, nicely done mate, voted back, Thank you for the vote and the support.

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Vote exchange! Get my vote and vote back to my last track! Cheers!

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NuVo1 year ago

great artwork too

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NuVo1 year ago

love it , voted

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AlaX101 year ago

My name is AlaX10.
I listened to your track and I really liked it (I voted)
Your style is beautiful.
listen to my last track "Crazy Party"
And if you like it you can follow me on Soundcloud and i'll follow you back
And if it's not hard for you to vote for my last track "Crazy Party" in talent pool
Thank you.

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MustaOri1 year ago

Nice energy on this track, votedd!!

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Louden1 year ago


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EnergyWolf1 year ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
But vote me back EnergyWolf:Dreamer

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Dante Davis1 year ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest track too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Zagreus Reborn
Zagreus Reborn1 year ago

Sick EDM track, punchy beat on this! colorful instrumental melodies, beautiful production! Well done, Voted!🔥

I need YOU for the revolution.💣

Our cause grows ever stronger, follow me on soundcloud for more!⚔️

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LAFAYETTE ✪1 year ago

this is really cool i like it, definitely voted. can you please vote back for my track Stand Up if you like it aswell ?

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Ayden Carswell
Ayden Carswell1 year ago

nice track,voted!

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Alex Kase
Alex Kase1 year ago

HEY AYR, I really like your track and I VOTED it, goooooood job!!! Maybe we can collaborate!! Text me on Soundcloud!!
I also released a new track, check it out, maybe vote for it and let me know what you think!! THANKSSS MAN! =)

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Dj --greyhound
Dj --greyhound1 year ago

you have my vote ! Please cheekout my last track bro {tiedup}

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