Madison Mars - Mirai (Nullfier Remix) Remix for Spinnin Contest, ENJOY!


THE KIM9 months ago

Yeah not bad! Voted can u guys check my new lo fi track?)

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ALIB3RTI9 months ago

cool one nice groove ehh !!! i voted for u !

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Lezo Martin
Lezo Martin9 months ago

Wonderful remix!!!
Can you please vote me back??

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Sebbowich9 months ago

Hello there i did listen to the remix of yours, i liked it. you have my vote. Keep doing the great work. I would be happy if you want to listen to my remix Mirai for the Madison contest. on forward thanks.

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Willy Broady
Willy Broady9 months ago

Already Voted man, thansk!

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O.K.E.Z9 months ago

voted back

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OfficialMovi9 months ago

Hey. I hope you like my Remix of Mirai by Madison Mars.
If you do so your vote would be amazing! :)
Have a great Day! :D

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Mauricio Barba
Mauricio Barba9 months ago

The instrumental is good, but I feel it out of tune with the original vocal, take care of that bro
I would appreciate it if you would listen to my song "Body Shake" and leave me your opinion, and if you like it enough, your vote. Peace

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Shatiks9 months ago

Great mix! Voted!

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Sunny Syndicate
Sunny Syndicate9 months ago

Thanks for your support!

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Profed9 months ago

Man, thats a very cool track, voted surly! Also please check out my new track "Natures Turn"

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d3ron_dj10 months ago

Voted for you Nullfier, nice remix. Hope you can listen mine too :)

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KinAhau10 months ago

Hey yo, nice tune:) Voted 4 suree! Check out my new remix and if u like it please give it a vote. Good luck and thanks, keep working in these bangers broooo

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David [3D Music]
David [3D Music]10 months ago

Hey man, very good remix !
You got my vote, let's support each other, please check my remix too
Good luck with the competition!!

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Hoztiv10 months ago

Voted, If you want check my remix ' MIRAI '­čśÄ

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2sxmmer10 months ago

Very cool opening. Big sounds.

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Tonyrider.dj10 months ago

Good work man. Voted!!!

Please check my latest Track "Feel The Sky" with my friend Trampscope.
Please Vote for my Track....

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Danny Okmpo
Danny Okmpo10 months ago

VOTED! great job on this bro, keep going hard!
Please, check my last track ┬┤┬┤Guss Vibes┬┤┬┤ i hope you like it. Enjoy and Good luck! :D..

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Willy Broady
Willy Broady10 months ago

Voting back, thanks, btw nice remix!

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Elc10 months ago

Synth lead sound is really cool of drop part! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to melodic dubstep remix track "Mirai".

Score: 1