Madison Mars - Mirai (Rodrigo Remix)


Harwok8 months ago

CHECK NEW hi check my new track, way back home

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Sebbowich9 months ago

Hello there i did listen to the mix of yours, i liked it. you have my vote. Keep doing the great work. I would be happy if you want to listen to my remix Mirai for the Madison contest. on forward thanks.

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d3ron_dj9 months ago

Voted for you Rodrigo, nice remix. Hope you can listen mine too :)

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David [3D Music]
David [3D Music]9 months ago

Hey man, very good remix!
You got my vote, let's support each other, please check my remix too
Good luck with the competition!!

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KinAhau9 months ago

Nice remix yo! Loved what u did, really original. U got my vote for sure! Hope u can vote back 4 my remix. Good luck and thanks brooooo

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo9 months ago

Cool remix! Just voted check supported! Check our last track too and vote if you like!

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NVee Make it bangin'

Hey Great Track Rodrigo, You Have My Vote. Please take time to listen to my Remix of Mirai and vote for me. Many Thanks, and best of Luck, Make it Bangin'

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Jods9 months ago

Hey RODRIGO CEDILLO, I love your remix, I voted too. I hope you can hear my new Remix MIRAI-Madison Mars. Sure you will love it. if you can help me share it and Voted, I appreciate it. Successes

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OfficialMovi9 months ago

Hey. I hope you can support my remix of Madison Mars - Mirai! If you like it your vote would be awesome! :D

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Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass9 months ago

Voted. Its a Cool Remix, Good job man. Please check out and vote/ comment for my new remix to "Madison Mars - Mirai". Thanks in advance.

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Majestic_Overlord9 months ago

Nice Vibes, voted for your work hope you vote me back on my "Lights"...

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Harwok9 months ago

good job track, check my New voted back

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