Music dedicated to sports. Musica dedicada ao desporto, principalmente ao futebol. Porto, Benfica, Sporting e Seleção Nacional. Quero ver os portistas, benfiquistas , sportinguistas todos aos saltos e também todos juntos a apoiar a Seleção Nacional.


Tyfëhr5 months ago

Força Portugal!! tens o meu voto! o drop está muito top gostei!!
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Desejo-te o melhor!

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@MusicbyLuis5 months ago

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Electronic  group "ASTRO"


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Susomix6 months ago

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Andrew Terpo
Andrew Terpo6 months ago

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DATABASS_official6 months ago

Wow this is amazing, LUSITANY!

Next time, try to boost the mid-highs, since these are frequences that lacked a bit of power.
And don't forget that, good job, keep it up bro! Voted it.

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dj EmTag86
dj EmTag866 months ago


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Spino Letta
Spino Letta6 months ago

Voted ✌️🥳

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S.O.F6 months ago

Nice track! Voted!

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DrNooo6 months ago

Great track. You had my vote. Keep it coming. Thank you for your support.

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NEV-R6 months ago

Really dope track here Lusitany! Good Sound selection and a tight mix as well ! Would appreciate your feedback on my latest track:)

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Wolfack Beats
Wolfack Beats6 months ago

Portugues Ora , és muito bem vindo belo trabalho. VAMOS LÁ VENCER

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Nomis.K6 months ago

Good Job, keep it up! 💭

Do you like aggressive and dark -vibes ? 😈💀🌌
Epic Strings ? 🎻
And Strong Bass ?


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C01Music6 months ago


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S.O.F6 months ago

Cool track! Voted!

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Phil Devon
Phil Devon6 months ago

dope track man!! I like this, Voted! Check out my new track called "I smile when you smile" : )

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Nkey6 months ago

Great track man! You've got my vote!

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Jitesh Ramesh
Jitesh Ramesh6 months ago

awesome. definitely voted!! vote back on my track sombre!!!!

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harrisbarbosa6 months ago

Muito bom!!! Votei de volta amigo!!! Abraços

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Siffy6 months ago

Good job!

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