Whats'up guys ! I hope you are well ;) This is my new festival remix of the famous movie "Avengers" Give me your opinion in the comments ;) If you like, you can download and share this remix for free ;) Free Download ▶︎ https://hypeddit.com/track/tqmnc0 Thanks for your amazing support ;) ► Follow R4JAY ------------------------------ https://soundcloud.com/rfourjay-edm https://www.facebook.com/R4JAY/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1d... https://twitter.com/_R4JAY?l


Med Drl
Med Drl10 months ago

boom good track , like that bass when it drop , hey bro check mine & vote back

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LO-KOST11 months ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be really grateful if you checked my new old school Avicii style track « Legend » !

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Yaksha11 months ago

WOW!!! Awesome track. Love it. Voted!!!!!!!!!
Please check my new Remix of the “Zombie” by The Cranberries and vote if you like it.

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Richords11 months ago

There are some elements which I really like! Voted and keep going. May I kindly ask you to check out my track "Romance"?

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LAFAYETTE ✪11 months ago

this is really cool i like it and voted. can you please vote back for my track "Koa" if you like it aswell ?

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MOVIOfficial11 months ago

Hey. I hope you can vote for my Remix of Cheat Codes & Daniel Blum - Who's Got Your Love :D
Thank you for the huge support. :)

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Madj11 months ago

Awesome!!!!!! I really like the drop!!!!!!!
You have my support!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you check my last track Frames, please?
I really need some feedback!!!!!!!
Let me know what you think with a comment!!!!!!!!

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Titas Basak
Titas Basak11 months ago

Good Work! Awesome Track!
Keep on going what you do!
Just take a second and share some love for my track "Step Back"
Thank You So Much .......

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Lusitany11 months ago

Awesome track! 👍👍👍 Great sound! 👍👍👍 🎹 😊 Fantastic!
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Susomix11 months ago

Hello, Good job nice track
I gave you my vote.
Good luck in your ranking
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest tracks.
"Like The Rain In Summer Day"
"Touch My Body"
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote.
Thank you very much for your support.🙏---👍

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Ta9-511 months ago

voted !

I feel completeness and safety in your sound.
I guess I'll have to learn it.

If possible, would you vote for my last track "Moombah-Step"?


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ReyMod.com11 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Hey cool track bro loved it vote!, pls vote for my last track and please follow me in soundcloud and so, we will be in contact good luck!

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ALEX7011 months ago

amazing track...voted !!! please listen my track "BANG" and leave a comment or vote back too...

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Addxction11 months ago

Lot of energy, I love it ! You have my vote :)

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R4JAY11 months ago

Thanks man ;)

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EnergyWolf11 months ago

Great Track I like it😀
and you get my vote😀
But vote me back EnergyWolf ft Paris ft Simon Get back

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