This is one of the first songs I’ve ever created so feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Reprobeater1 year ago

Hey bro, this got my vote!
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NYKOLUKE1 year ago

Cool pre-drop voted! Please listen and vote for my new track ,thanks.

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AWSM11 year ago

nice track, vote

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By giving feedback to my music thank you very much
And good luck!!

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Deneo1 year ago


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DJ Gelida
DJ Gelida1 year ago

Nice and calm! voted!

Please hear my new track "Power" and feel free to make a comment & a vote :)

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Lavenir1 year ago


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ReyMod.com1 year ago

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lotsid1 year ago

nice work
please vote back

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Ez Quew
Ez Quew1 year ago

VOTED! Cool chords and sounds! Maybe you could vote back for my latest track called 'Juicy Lemon'? ::DD

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VL4S1 year ago

Very nice track, voted! can you support my track "Diamonds" too? thank you :DDDDDDDDD

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AayZee1 year ago

That's a fine track you got there !
Gotta love the overall feel of the track !
A vote for sure !!!!
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Tommy Vega
Tommy Vega1 year ago

nice sound voted

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Hearty  'N  Everythings

very nice track voted & supported/././

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Flexible sound
Flexible sound1 year ago

Hey bro . I voted for your track. I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “water word”.

Thanks. Good luck bro!!!

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Jakob Larsson
Jakob Larsson1 year ago

Very nice track!! Voted! I would appreciate if you could listen to my track ”You Will Never Break Me“ and vote on it! Keep up the great work!

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Madvyce1 year ago

Love it, voted

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RARP1 year ago

nice track!! voted!!
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Mat.Music1 year ago

Hello ! Your track is Amazing !
I love it !
Lets Vote my last track ( G T A ) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I Real Love yours !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥w

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)

Voted,thanks for your support✌️

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Xedis1 year ago

voted!! good track!! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "shock wave"!!
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