Sl@weC26 days ago

Great track, congrats 👏
I gave you my vote
Good luck on this ranking
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stay well and safe!

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DawiT▶10 months ago

I LIKED IT ! Also followed to your channel! Please vote for my new track
"Davit - My Little Desert The MOON" . Thank you . Have a nice day #voted...............

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HEVER10 months ago

Nice track! Voted! You can also listen to my new track A NEW WAY and if you like the track don't forget to vote and follow me on soudcloud.

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Far Hytex
Far Hytex10 months ago

👋 Hey! That's good! Keep up the good work, bro! Voted!👏🤘
😉By the way, I'd like to offer you to chat in ▶SoundCloud. We need to share our 🎵Music knowledge to each other. As 💪Arnold said:
"You can only feel complete as a person, if you think about what can you do for fellow member around you, who needs help"

We can follow our big dream together, hand in hand!

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GEØ10 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “darling”.

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~K4RMA10 months ago

hey mate, i like that idea, gonna vote for you

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Hearty  'N  Everythings

What a wonderful track...
I voted & Full supported..//.

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Olisso10 months ago

Nice song DayFox!

Check out my new Remix for Spinnin "Whatever we are"

It´s amazing!

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Asaro10 months ago

Nice Track Dayfox, can you vote for my new Track "Out Here". And also maby dropping a like on my soundcloud, it helps me out a lot. Thanks a million

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BOIKA10 months ago

Hi friend, good job. Voted, let's help.. .

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eicos&Diver10 months ago

great track ;-)
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All the best

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BenceSudar10 months ago

Hi! Cool track! :) Voted! Could you please vote back for my latest track "Freedom"? Let's help each other out!

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Hearty  'N  Everythings

Awesome Track here
Full Support & Voted/././.

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo10 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Lost & Found”.
Good luck.❤ :))

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D Blisss
D Blisss10 months ago

Amazing Track! Voted!
Check my track 'Strangers' and vote if u like it.
Good Luck

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RAmoonDrewball10 months ago

Keep up the good work man. You have my vote!!

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Fullpoy10 months ago

Your track is amazing and I voted for you, could you back for my last track please ?/:;

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TRYLOWMUSİC10 months ago

Hanne Mjøen - Strangers (TRYLOWREMIX) if you like friends please vote first can't need much

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Promenade(Area studio)


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Sphinx10 months ago

Really nice work on this! Voted (Please check out my track 'Freeze')

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