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Asaro11 months ago

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Rajit Garg
Rajit Garg11 months ago

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rougdrag11 months ago

good work :-),
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Koet11 months ago

Hey Twisted1511 ... great track, really different intro and awesome for it!! when this drops ....WOW !! amazing production
... I voted for you ... thank you for supporting my new track "Dumbstruck" glad you like it too :-) Sophie

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Alex Kowalski
Alex Kowalski11 months ago

I've heard about this Bioshock before through a friend's cosplay hobby but this is my first experience of anything to do with it. This is great and very different. It's also very well mixed and mastered. I've voted, and thanks for your vote too :)

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Oliver White
Oliver White11 months ago

Nice track! That’s voted!
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AFSHINAM11 months ago

Awesome remix here!!!
Full Support & Voted!
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Thank you so much!


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Red Sword
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Jam TS
Jam TS11 months ago

this sounds like genos fight
love that

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Red Sword
Red Sword11 months ago


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delarosa11 months ago

Cool track. Voted. Please check out my latest track and vote / comment. Thanks.

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xKhaalidd11 months ago

This really is amazing. I love how you put those pads together. VOTED !
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GFE ultra
GFE ultra11 months ago

One of my favorite around here!!! Ultra voted. Would you check my "Night Train"?? would be nice...Thnks &Good luck

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Harwok11 months ago

check new track

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Lusitany11 months ago

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Dj Esteban Reyes
Dj Esteban Reyes11 months ago

You have my vote but I hope your honesty to return your support .. Good luck.,

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Ta9-511 months ago

voted !!

I heard your Remix "Elizabeth's Theme"

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