Hi my name is Sultan Berkaliev please listen to my track maybe it's worth your attention thanks! my mail is shark05dag@gmail.com


David Villarreal
David Villarreal8 months ago

Amazing track!

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo8 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Sunrise”.
Good luck.

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HVZELNUT!8 months ago

Cool track good work, voted n supported.
Check my new called "Race Cars" don't forget to check my previous track:)

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ITSDJJFLOW8 months ago

SICKKKKKKKK!!!! Such a dope track man. VOTED!!!! If you have time to vote for my brand new mix I did I would be very grateful. Thank u very much and keep up the good work!!!!

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REFLEXION758 months ago

отличный ремикс

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Kirill Shalmanov
Kirill Shalmanov8 months ago

Hello!!! Great work!! I vote for You! Please check my new track "Sunrise" and vote me back!! Thank you! Good luck!

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YNSWNS8 months ago

Hey mate its lovely!
I voted for you!!
I would appreciate it if you could listen to my track "Love" and vote back.???
Good luck.

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Hello Sultanberkaliev! Good track voted! Please vote if you like my new Track “More Than Love”
I would be glad if you sent me support

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FLR8 months ago

i really like this ;)

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Cardinalez8 months ago

Cool remix :-)) Voted !!!!Check out my new trance track The Awakening greetings from Norway !!!!

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Frank Leuven
Frank Leuven8 months ago

Woww You have my vote! You Can vote my track "Dance With Me" with Vlyxer? Thanks

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Recvey8 months ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!!!!!!11

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Dj YeZo
Dj YeZo8 months ago

I voted. Ty so much for supporting my track. Means a lot to me. I have returned the favor and voted for yours as well. Thank you and good luck!!!

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K A R A8 months ago

Forever in our hearts! Voted! I like this track. I would really appreciate if you vote back my track "ROGUE". Thank You.

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Marshkane8 months ago

nice, votedd!!

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Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas8 months ago

COOL WORK! I LIKE YOUR REMIX! VOTED! Can you listen my latest track "GOOD IDEAS GOOD TIMES"? Thanks!

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NCPTN8 months ago

Hey, voted !! nice track, i wanted a feedback from an high ranked like you <3 Check my deep house track Beautiful life , thankss ........................

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masonparks8 months ago

Wow! Make sure to check out the pop song I submitted to the talent pool called "Bad Things" !

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Matye & Luzy
Matye & Luzy8 months ago

great remix!!

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Sendust8 months ago

норм ))))

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