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Tony Rider feat. ThaSuspect1

Yoooo guys...more tracks are one my youtube channel. i hope u like it. here is the link to this track on my youtube channel :


Peterson Mendes
Peterson Mendes8 months ago

hey bro that's good! I voted and hope you vote again for my track (wake up)...

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Larry Milonas
Larry Milonas8 months ago

Really chill vibes man! Check out my track Ocean!

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LO-KOST9 months ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be really grateful if you checked my new bootleg of DJ Snake & Zomboy – Quiet Storm !
I’m currently number 36 and it would be great if you could help me to go up ! :)

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Giorgi Nakashidze
Giorgi Nakashidze9 months ago

nice track, good work , voted
can you vote my track "Darkness"

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NEV-R9 months ago

Great! voted for!! Would really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my recent track :)

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Piotr Humaj
Piotr Humaj9 months ago

yoo bro! good track! voted!

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HVZELNUT!9 months ago

voted dude, great track.
could u check my track? and give a vote if u like :)

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ReyMod.com9 months ago

good for you, for being among the best!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! I hope you do not forget to listen to my jobs!

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Piotr Humaj
Piotr Humaj9 months ago

very good chill bro! i like this track! voted!

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phyzxx9 months ago

Sweet track Voted!

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Shrimun Narayan
Shrimun Narayan9 months ago

Noice Track!! Voted!!
also vote for my track take me there!!

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Lei music
Lei music9 months ago

Hey bro!nice work!I really appreciate what you doing!just keep up!Someday you will succeed!
voted!pls vote back!THXXX!!!!!!``````

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DawiT▶9 months ago


I like it and followed to you, please
vote for my new track "My Lifetime"
It's retrowave. I think you'll like it.
Thank you! Have a nice day.

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Starshine Traxxx
Starshine Traxxx9 months ago

cool Sound! voted back

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Andre-J9 months ago

Listened all the way, really nice melodic deep house nice mix. VOTED
Now the copy and paste bit, sorry. please listen to my latest tune ALL U EVER DO. your feedback and support is welcome.

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Pando G
Pando G9 months ago

Hey TONY voted this is a top track

hey can u check out my new remix cardi Boffset clout remix and tell me what you think

and if u can please vote back

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RONGGAR9 months ago

Cool Drop! Like It !
Could You Please Like My New Track " Million Years " Thanks !

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Ellzy9 months ago

Thank you! Voted back!

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Recvey9 months ago

cool,voted,vote my new remix please(PLAY)!!!!!!1

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PXZEL9 months ago

yo thasuspect, finished listening to your new song, solid work my dude, i feel like the groove was very solid throughout, great pulse. and your main groove was catchy af, keep up the grind dude, love to hear what you do next, leaving you a vote, good luck! Let me know if you ever need feedback or anything, just hit me up on my SC. If you got time, can you check out my last track, “find yourself” its a 8-bit/house mix influenced by an Avicii song (can you guess which song? ill follow you on SC if you get it right :D!) - let me know what you think and leave a vote if you :3!

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