Hi,guys! Hope you are doing great! This is my remix of Jonas Aden ''Tell Me a Lie" track. This is Electro House with Mo Falk vibe sound and special Lowage live instruments. Hope you like it! Best, Max Lowage


Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 months ago

hey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my Remix of Jonas Aden "Tel Me A Lie"

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Nick Wynn
Nick Wynn2 months ago

I voted for your track
Vote for my last track
Good luck to you))

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Anhurt2 months ago

LIKE! Check my remix, too

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Elc2 months ago

Awesome hard drop sound! I really like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to Electro Step remix track "Tell Me A Lie".

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musicbystorm2 months ago

Hi Lowage Radio, great remix! voted for sure bro! vote back for my remix if you like it! thank you :))

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Eliza Niland
Eliza Niland2 months ago

Best Remix Lowage voted

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Lotto music
Lotto music2 months ago

I loved your remix

I invite you to listen to my remix and tell me your opinion
if you want you can vote for him

Thank you..

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Burrell	Huey
Burrell Huey2 months ago

Good remix! Vote!

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Curley	Ignacio
Curley Ignacio2 months ago

Nothing extra! Just Lowage

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2Hounds2 months ago

Good Job our vote is yours.
we also invite you to listen to our tell me a lie remix and earn your vote ;) Thx

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Ephriam	Bernhard
Ephriam Bernhard2 months ago

How do you made those chords?

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Burr	Haskell
Burr Haskell2 months ago

Hi, Max! I listen to a lot remix contest tracks and your track actually good
really worth something

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Mart	Orange
Mart Orange2 months ago

Best song from the whole remix contest

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Maude	Ellwood
Maude Ellwood2 months ago

Well done! Think we have a winner!

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Leigh	Melton
Leigh Melton2 months ago

Max! Can you make not only Electro House? The sound is so good!

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MikaelPerry3 months ago

I hate to spam, sorry :( time is limited for me.

Listen to my remix, like for the first seconds of it! Will not disappoint you!


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hutchinsonryan153 months ago

Finally Lowage!! Congrats.

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stokesgeorge9663 months ago

Lowage top

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louisthomson3163 months ago


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spenceroneill9903 months ago

Good picture! Vote

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