Boss Eisley

The first track of an upcoming 4 track EP.


Rydz_music1 day ago

Boss Eisley is on fire ! Great job, what a track ! VOTED ;)
Man, could you please vote back for my Flume - Rushing Back remix ? 2min can change my life bro, thank you in advance !
You can check my remix on soundcloud if you want : rydz11/flume-rushing-back-rydz-remix

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Liquaxis2 days ago

Good job...Nice track ! Keep up the good work .Voted!

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Jonathan farrell

Good work, stay at it. Voted!

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Vale End
Vale End4 days ago


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MASTROM4 days ago

Hello , Cool track !!! I Voted

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DJ Gaspard Olivier

cool dance song voted & i follow u

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KSTI6 days ago

Great song ! Voted dude :)

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JOR3N6 days ago

Great track voted! Can you take a look and support my new track 'toxic'? Keep up the work!

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Reluxx7 days ago


CHECK OUT NEW SINGLE "SOMEONE TO LOVE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As many people around the world seek to grasp on to famous super record labels and honestly what many people forget is that music is not for the market nor revenues but for the indefinite and unlimited emotions and character emerged from the hands of artist, DJS, and producers.-----------Talent, Passion, This Is My Callin

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Vale End
Vale End7 days ago

Hey Bro Garage Cowboy in TOP 100!!!!!!!!

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Alkache8 days ago

I'll be very glad for feedback...

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THE KIM8 days ago

yeah nice Voted back

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Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas8 days ago

NIce track bro! the kick sounds small, chose another kick bru! whatever, voted!
Can you listen my latest track "Spaceboy"? thanks C:

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DJ PCCLUBB9 days ago

Very nice mix and production--i can see why you are at 17--hope you get to Number 1--voted

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cman  beats
cman beats9 days ago

thanks for the vote and support your track is cool to man i like the sounds u used its mad dope thanks again and u have my vote

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wezmorgan9 days ago

Hey Bro!
I vote your track "Metadata". Very nice quality.
How about a common music?

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Kaux9 days ago

Hey! I'm trying to give REAL feedback to every track I listen to. Your track Metadata sounds pretty interesting, the melody feels very nice and the idea is nicely done. I think you could improve your sound selection/sound design when choosing samples for drums, specially the kick could be punchier to make the drop really stand out. I feel like you could add an vocal to this track too!

Ps: if you don't mind, check out my latest track, I'd love to hear your opinion!

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Boss Eisley
Boss Eisley9 days ago

hey thanks man, yeah you're advice on the kick is definitely warranted. I've had a couple others mention the same, my next track is already in production and I've taken the liberty to address the kick issue, thanks for the support!

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Rob's Exile
Rob's Exile9 days ago

voted :)

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SoundHack TV
SoundHack TV9 days ago

We are a youtube channel named SoundHack TV. We come here to recognize new talents like you and we are willing to collect new submissions so we can start releasing and uploading new tracks to our youtube channel! We are happy to take new submissions and your music could be featured in one of our Music Mixs or even released as a single. For everyone else who is also reading this comment feel free to send your track so we can hear it and concider it!

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Good luck to you all and let’s start your career
Link is in bio :)

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OLSAF9 days ago

i'm a new producer and i would very much like to be friends and talk to everybody around here......i released my first full length track yesterday and tried to fix all my mixing issues in it........i'd be very happy if you could provide me an honest feedback on my track.......i promise i won't fail your expectations.........namaste

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