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Lavenir5 months ago

great vibe !!!!! nice track !!!!! keep it up !!!!!!!

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Cullen Chase
Cullen Chase5 months ago

Yo I-Mad! My name is Cullen and I'm only 18 years old. I like this track- liked! I just posted a track called Take Me Away if you could check it out. I'll follow or follow on Soundcloud-but I'm mainly looking for feedback and criticism. Thanks :)

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LI3RMusic5 months ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves the first place!
If you want to help me too then check me out :)
I dropped a new single "LI3R - Make Me a Liar"
Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
Also feel free to follow me on Soundcloud <3

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masonparks5 months ago

So awesome! Make sure to check out my song "Proud" that I just submitted to the talent pool.

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RULEBREAKERZ5 months ago

Hi just listened to your track its great!!! You have our vote & well done for getting in the top 10 of the talent pool! :)
Hope you like our brand new track BUBBLEGUM too! Check it out & please give us a vote too if you enjoy it?
PLUR from RULEBREAKERZ <3 Instagram singer_emmag1

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BoozKat5 months ago

Voted for this when it was a new addition. Nice to see it in the top 10

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ITSDJJFLOW5 months ago

BOOM!!!! Amazing track man dope vibes. Voted If you have time to vote for my brand new track I did called GO WITH THE FLOW #3 I would be very grateful. Thank u very much and keep up the dope work!

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Anthony P.
Anthony P.5 months ago

Heyy man, great work on this! just lovee itt ! you have my vote !
Hope you can have a look at my latest remix and vote too !

My instagram: @apswiss

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Fullpoy5 months ago

Your track is really good and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track please;´

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DropBurners5 months ago

Great JOOB man !!! Keep your work UP !!! Voted I’ll be great if you come to my profile and check my brand new remix called Tungevaag !!! Once Again GREAT JOOB !!!

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Zajdel5 months ago

Nice track! Check out my new single "Go One" like & share it! Cheers!! !!

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Lavenir5 months ago

Good job...Nice track...!!!Keep up the good work...!

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Davilez5 months ago

Good track I-MAD
!!! Amazing!! Good idea, good sounds and good mix too!
If you have time, check out my latest release called "Cyborg" and vote again.
I hope you reach your goals ... Keep it up brother!

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Persz5 months ago

OH shit this is amazing, voted!

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KaZkO5 months ago

hey bro its awesome i vote you vot me back on HERE we go

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TRYLOWMUSİC5 months ago

Europe - The Final Countdown (TRYLOW REMIX)[Free Download]

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo5 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Gloomy Night In Russia”.
Good luck.❤ :)

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dude this is like a timemachine

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VERCEANTT5 months ago

CHECK THIS OUT >>> Knockout (VERCEANTT REMIX), actually you'll get the Vibes!!!!!!!

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d2 squad
d2 squad5 months ago

Wow your track is so lit🔥🔥

Please visit my profile and listen my latest track (Knockout Remix)
Like and leave a comment if you like ,,

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