Last jobs, I want to know your opinion about mastering and mixing. Thank you!


Tim Larrson
Tim Larrson1 month ago

Wooow great !!!

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Koet1 month ago

Hey Reymod :-) Another great track!! you got it super loud but still sounds good :-) ... KickBox kicks!!

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DJ ENRIK1 month ago

Voted! Awesome!

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Blended Vinyl
Blended Vinyl1 month ago

Great work bro! voted!

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Rofmans1 month ago

Hi, the track is fire,nice work!
I encourage you to vote for my work "FOR YOU", I will be grateful!)!!!

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Karlux SRJ7050
Karlux SRJ70501 month ago

Thank u so much for supporting me bro
Your feedback really means a lot to me, you will always have my vote and support
Thank You

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Eisbombe1 month ago


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Freackxy1 month ago

This track is a beast! It catches me from the first minute. Great sound quality and shifts!

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Spino Letta
Spino Letta1 month ago

Very nice sound 🎶

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anthonygartner1 month ago

Hello, voted for you, take some time to vote for my track English Paradise Thanks!

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Eddy.Z1 month ago

Hi! Good job! Voted! Please vote my new remix on "Coming Down" .

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_TheRed_1 month ago

Hi, your sound is amazing, i vote for your track!!!! if u want listen my track on my profile adn voting her I would be very happy!! Congratulations again, consider voting for my Original Track too! "Egypt"

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TONIC@BIT1 month ago

как всегда отличный трек надеюсь сможете перевести я голосую

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Sebastián Hez
Sebastián Hez1 month ago

Me gusta ésta canción, tiene muy buen ritmo.
¡Mucha suerte!
Si te agrada mi música puedes seguirme.

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EINNOSZ1 month ago

Mate voted :)
Check mine too

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Spica1 month ago

Nice, but too hard for me(

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MarcusGrote1 month ago

Thank you for voting for my track! I voted for you! yes, lets connect on INSTA

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Prodjalf1 month ago

voted bro nice track very best

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teodulo1 month ago

thanks for your comment bro
i vote for you amazing track
keep going

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Lifeless Humans
Lifeless Humans1 month ago

Just voted, check it.

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