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MOIZDHE1 month ago

votado, excelente pista amigo si te soy sincero, tienes un buen material lo sonidos son cálidos y puros, te invito a que vote por mi demo "Oasis" confirmado con un comentario para saber que fuiste tu gracias hermano

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greate work!! :)
loved it and voted for you! (you can check in my profile page).
I would love to get your vote and feedback too on my remix to the song - 'The Him – In My Arms'!

If you will leave a detailed feedback, i promise to return a detailed feedback too!

the partial link-

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Lavenir1 month ago

this is dope !!!!! great job !!!!!! voted !!!!

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PXZEL1 month ago

yo dave, this bumps my dude, really solid stuff, the rhythm is really solid and kept me interested al the way through, nothing I can complain about here - keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you, leaving a vote !! Hit me up on SC/IG if you ever wanna chat or something or trade feedback ! If you got a sec, could you check out my last song, “take off” ? Its an 8bit/future mix - could use some feedback from someone like you, and vote if you like :) ? Appreciate you!

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DropBurners1 month ago

Hi !!! Your track sounds amazing !!! You got my support !!! The melody is clear and idea just destroyed my mind, keep doing that kind of music cause it’s definitely WORTH. I’d appreciate that if you come and check my remix Tungevag !!! Best regards DROPBURNERS !!!

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Zajdel1 month ago

Nice track! Check out my new single "Go One' vote if you like it 1!!

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David [3D Music]
David [3D Music]1 month ago

Hey, I liked your track!
I gave you my vote, please vote back for my track "Show Me How"

Good luck, see you at the top! :)

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Blexxter ♩
Blexxter ♩1 month ago

your style for the sounds are good, you also have to highlight the chords your sound is something addictive and you have my vote, I would appreciate it if you would listen to my song ‘Star Heart’ so we would help each other thanks.

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Alex Glowing
Alex Glowing1 month ago

Hi. Good track. Voteeeeeed.

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Oswego1 month ago

huge! love it!

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°°Burn666°°1 month ago

hey :).
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) .. would u be so nice & check my new Track >> I WANT TO FLY.. << (BADHOUSEMUSIC/DEEP) and set your vote & comment ?
it would be great to have your support!:)Thanks so much!...

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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon1 month ago

very big groove. Lot of work. Voted

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Lusitany1 month ago

Amazing track! Awesome style sound! 👍👍 Excellent! good energy!
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Good luck! and Happy Year 2020.

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Ellion Quincy OFFICIAL ✓✓✓✓✓✓


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ALNTD1 month ago

amazing track, voted for sure
Could you check my latest remix for Spotless by Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway :)

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Yaksha1 month ago

WOW!! Awesome track. Love it. Voted!! Please check my new track "Tragedy" and vote if you like it.

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Susomix1 month ago

Hi 🖐🏼 Great track good work
Mate i gave you my vote 💓
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track" Open Now You Heart "
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud

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ReyMod.com1 month ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, vote! very nice!!!, Could you please listen to my tracks and vote for it and please follow me in instagram (You can find the info in my profile), we will be in contact

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