This is my best track ! Enjoy it! Dance it ! And vote or comment . Remember ,i’M a girl bro , no man , no hermano ... no copy paste comments please! Disfruta de la Frecuencia del amor en CANLAN 🧿🧿🧿


Crookedd2 months ago

voted!! show some love back and vote for my track "ricky" its a bangerrr...

Score: 1
Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo3 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “UTOPIA99”.
Good luck.❤

Music Video in bio :)

Score: 1
Potenza3 months ago

Hey what a crazy record, good work, I'm voting for you, you do the same for me!!! I hope so and let us know what you think of my new song, LONG WAY HOME along with HALIENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 1
Steve Portell
Steve Portell3 months ago

Hey I’m Steve Portell and I released my new song „They know“ for the Hugel remix contest 🎹 check out my channel and vote for my song if you like it 🙂
Thank you!!! 🙃

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DATABASS_official3 months ago

Wow this is amazing, Psylar!

Next time, try to boost the mid-highs, since these are frequences that lacked a bit of power.
And don't forget that, good job, keep it up bro! Voted it.

Just like you, I released a new track "ROBOPHOBIA". I would be so happy if you chould check it out and vote for it. Thanks man! <3
Good Luck for the future!

If you want that I give you personal feedback to your tracks or any question you might have, make sure to leave me a follow ON SOUNDCLOUD and I'm more happy to do it :D

With love,

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Oliver Young
Oliver Young3 months ago

Good work! voted, can you please vote for my remix ÅH JORGE. That would do alot for me :) Also, follow me on soundcloud and I’ll follow you back!

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OLSAF3 months ago

hi bro.....this is olsaf.....well your track is awesome....... i don't wanna seem bad but i'm a new producer.......17 yr old.......i was looking for some valuable suggestions for my i would love if you could do tracks name is don't keep me longer.....thnx a lot.....
btw voted!

Score: 1
KaZkO3 months ago

Its great, i really like this one and congrats .

Score: 1
Balch3 months ago

Good evening colleague, good job, I will vote for you!
you can listen to my new work ´´Vibrates ´´ if you like it give it like
and vote for me too

Score: 1
RGRSSO3 months ago

Hey Psylar! another very good song , I voted!
Could you please listen to my Hugel remix! I would like to hear from you!

Score: 1
Helsing3 months ago

Love the vocals, but I'm kinda disappointed with the drop, expected a bit more, lacks energy and some more work on the melody!
In overall, good track, keep it up!

Take some time and check out my new remix of "Diamonds" by Rihanna, hope you'll like it and vote back!
Also, if you like it, stay tuned by following me, got a lot on the way this year!

Much love, thanks!

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Jakob Larsson
Jakob Larsson3 months ago

Very nice track! Voted! I would appreciate if you could listen to my track ”Ready Tonight“ and vote on it! Keep up the great work!!

Score: 1
Profed3 months ago

Man, very good track idea, voted! Also please check out my new track "Inception" thank you

Score: 1
Ercymirage3 months ago

Really really nice! wow

Score: 1
Pio Valles Project
Pio Valles Project3 months ago

Buén trabajo !! tienes mi voto .

Score: 1
GashlinMusic3 months ago

I chose YOU to join my EPIC fanbase!
Insta: GashlinMusic
Soundcloud: GashlinMusic
Spinnin: GashlinMusic
See u on the other side!!

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Jaxie3 months ago

Dope voted...can you check my latest track please

Score: 1
Maricruz Sainz
Maricruz Sainz3 months ago

Gracias por apoyo Girl! 🎶
Let's keep making music!

Score: 1
PSYLAR3 months ago

The girl’s powerrrrrr 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Lo mismo te digo GRACIASSS por tu apoyo también ❤️❤️❤️Me caes bien Maricruz!!!!😜😜👏🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼

Score: 1
Maricruz Sainz
Maricruz Sainz3 months ago

Hola Chica! Tu canción está super! Muy bien hecha! me encantó! Voted!

Score: 1
PSYLAR3 months ago

Me alegra que te guste 🤜🏼🤛🏼😜😜😜y me alegra que estes aquí .🎵🎵

Score: 1
King Dice
King Dice3 months ago

Nice track PSYLAR, u have my vote Hermana ou "Mina" how we say here in Brazil :)
Check my remix Contest "Curbi - Feel Feat. Helen (MO Remix)"
Hope you like it

Score: 1