This is my best track ! Enjoy it! Dance it ! And vote or comment . Remember ,i’M a girl bro , no man , no hermano ... no copy paste comments please! Disfruta de la Frecuencia del amor en CANLAN 🧿🧿🧿


Star Combiner
Star Combiner16 days ago

Good stuff, i really enjoyed this, liked it!

Give a like on my track ''Back To Back'' it would be appreciated! :)

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Susomix16 days ago

OLE two tracks in the top 10 congratulations friend you are the best

Score: -1
PSYLAR16 days ago

Muy fuerteee Susooooo ♥️❤️💜💙👏🏼👏🏼Thankssss my friend

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Admogi16 days ago

Nice beat, you can really dance to this! Voted, I hope u check out my song Around Us too!

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TVDB16 days ago

Nice track voted!!
Check out my latest track called 'up all night'
Hope you will like it!!

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Koliber   ☑️
Koliber ☑️16 days ago

I like the note tour you did. I see this song has potential, I wish you luck in Spinnin Records' Talent Pool, I'm going to have a look at the others now too. If we want to help each other with a simple vote why not do it;)

DEMO "Koliber - Looking Forward" I will be very grateful if you appreciate my work.

You can also find me on Instagram with the name


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Lavenir16 days ago

Great Track !!!!!! keep it up !!!!! voted for sure !!!!!

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Recvey16 days ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!!!!!!!

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Will Wang
Will Wang17 days ago

Hi Psylar! I love the authentic sounding instruments you use in your really gives it a unique vibe that sets your tracks apart. You definitely got my vote, and I am excited to see what else you come out with! I'd love for your to check out my track "Rock Me Baby" :)

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Bruno Rukavina
Bruno Rukavina18 days ago

Hey Psylar,
you did an amazing job with this song !
Your song is very high quality I really love it ! Also the mix is really good.
I will be very happy if you can check out my song FEEL GOOD.
Cheers and good luck !
May the Force be with you !

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rougdrag18 days ago

Nice work,
here is your Vote,
Please check my Hugel Remix,

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drakebong18 days ago

I voted it can you back to vote my new track "breakin"?!!
have a good day!!

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lotsid18 days ago

Nice track 🔥 voted ⚡
Please vote back

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EnergyWolf18 days ago

Voted back:)

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MARTIN JONES18 days ago

Hi awesome track voted !!!!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo19 days ago

Great track , nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Empty World", give feedback and vote if you liked it

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra20 days ago

the best oriental Spanish Señorita producer!!!! Ultra Voted!!!!!
Thnxxxx for your Fire!!!!

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PSYLAR19 days ago

Graciasssss a tiiiii! Por existir!!!!!👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💜💜🥰🥰💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

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°°Burn666°°20 days ago

voted! :)

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LAFAYETTE ✪20 days ago

this is so cool i like it and voted ! can you please vote back for my track "Dawn" ?

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Speero20 days ago

Nice! Voted!

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Static Display
Static Display20 days ago

This sounds unique, I really liked the guitar in the beginning, sets the track off in a nice way! Voted!

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