Patrick Fiera
Patrick Fiera6 hours ago

the best remix :O for me the winner is you

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AudioBricks2 days ago


I'm a producer from the United Kingdom and a yearning freelancer with high hopes for 2020.
Im commenting on your work because i was pretty impressed with your vibrant mix and lush electro sounds, in my opinion vocal could be sidechained perhaps in a completely different project file since you have a pretty full on mix so it would be wise to move projects to mix vocals with the instrumental, other then that the remix is a vibe, well done!
Fairly new to Spinnin' Talent Pool but would still like your output on my song "The Bass Project One" or my remix of "Feel" (yup got one too :)),
Hope to see more from you and respect your work and your time!

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molnmusic3 days ago

sick drop mate!! love it. Nice mix. good luck!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo4 days ago

Great remix , nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Stardust", give feedback and vote if you liked it

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pgrissom5 days ago


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Cyan Jools 🐼
Cyan Jools 🐼5 days ago

Oh this one is awesome - good job :)
Cheers from Sweden 🐼

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RGRSSO5 days ago

Voted! This is truly awesome! very easily could win this! Could you please listen to my Hugel-they know Remix, i would like your feedback!

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FERLOARG6 days ago

Hi have my vote,boted back my new remix: S O S TAKE YOUR TIME

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rougdrag6 days ago

Good luck in the contest,
here is your Vote,
Please check my new Track "The Fairy",

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twentyfauxcarat6 days ago

Sick tune dude! I really like the melody and sounds!

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°°Burn666°°7 days ago

hey there :).
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) Would u be so nice and check my new Track >> UNDERGROUND HOUSE << and set your vote & comment?
it would be great to have your support!:) Thx a lot!

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Finitii8 days ago

This is amazing!

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ar1zonasunsh1ne8 days ago

its just so gooooooood

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Susomix9 days ago

Good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud or IG susomix_techno

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Jados 2
Jados 29 days ago


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Mavemusicbe9 days ago

Good work <33

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Sierd10 days ago

This is insane good

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Dyrex10 days ago


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Kroz G
Kroz G10 days ago


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Novis10 days ago

Like the sound and the creativity, but the mix isn't there yet kick is not popping trough the mix and there are some harsh elements in the high frequency spectrum. and between your break and buildup when there is no kick it sound like the vocal is sidechained

Score: -3
Sierd10 days ago

The sidechained vocal is actually very dope

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Berx10 days ago

no one asked for ur feedback sister

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juniiy10 days ago

:/ bruh

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