I tried my best to remix a meme for fun ! You can watch the video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCmAquKqusY Hope you'll like it :)


FutureWaves1 month ago

Hey man, this track is awesome,VOTED! Please check out my new Remix and VOTE if you enjoy! I also do follow for follow on SoundCloud!

Score: 1
EferJet1 month ago

Good vibes! Leaving you my vote! :)
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Apfelbaum2 months ago

Voted Back!

Score: 1
theAapex2 months ago

Thank you for vote on my track "Blow!"
I voted back on your remix, really cool remix.
Good luck!!

Score: 1
SniZeeR  Assegaf
SniZeeR Assegaf2 months ago

Wow thats cool broo
Please chcek my remix contest Jack wins ;)

Score: 1
Horbatso2 months ago

Just Awesome work!

I like the melody and the sounds you used and this cool drop!! !!! !!!!!!
You have my support !

Voted!!!!!!!!!! I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please check out my new remix DARI -Tonight-( Horbatso Remix ) and vote if you liked of course thanks !! ! !!! !! !! ! !!! !!! !! !! !!!!! !!!

Score: 1
EINNOSZ2 months ago

Whoaaa nice work Voted n supported
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Hope you like it..

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Max Madd β˜‘οΈ

Hey Rydz, you have my vote ! Make sure to follow my Soundcloud πŸ“‘ (500k plays) and my Instagram πŸ“² : @maxmaddmusic
Good luck in the charts and remix a meme !

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Yadian Ferum
Yadian Ferum2 months ago

Idea πŸ’‘ cool πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Score: 0
BR-X2 months ago

VOTED!!!, I love your track!, it has a very good Drop and it is harmonious. Really, keep it up!
Do you think you could vote for my last track?
It's called "Gold Brown", I would really appreciate it!

Score: 1
officialmixeer2 months ago

Hi my friend!😎
Your song is very good man, the structure is worked and the sounds are quite original, I am also participating here with my songβœ”οΈ "CORONA VIRUS DANCE" βœ”οΈa song by Bass House to cheer up these sad days.
Greetings friend!πŸ’―πŸ’―

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ClaymoreOfficial2 months ago


Score: 1
Rydz_music2 months ago


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GFE ultra
GFE ultra2 months ago

The drop is Fire!!!

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Good Luck for your Ranking

Score: 1
ReyMod.com2 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Very Nice :) You've got my vote!, Please vote my track and please follow me in soundcloud and so, we will be in contact good luck!

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Pras Ceiver
Pras Ceiver2 months ago

Hey RYDZ, nice track ; sounds amazing, I have voted for your track
Plzz do check out my tracks
Thanks for reading my comment
Have a good day :)

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Asvulation2 months ago

i really like this drop dude!! hope for you its gonna get viral!
could you maybe check my latest track out??

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