Hey, this is my remix for the contest. Hope u like it. Cheers


Xoro Music
Xoro Music2 months ago

Hi Cory Maverick, I really love your Afrojack remix, especially the sound design, I voted for you in this contest <3 Could you please vote back on my 'Thong Song' remix if you like it? It would mean a lot to me :)

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Maick-I2 months ago

Tasty remix.
can't quite vote for it.
but keep it up.

Would you listen to my remix of Buzz Low - Thong Song and tell me what you think.
I would also appreciate it if you liked / vote my track.


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Miatsa2 months ago

Voted bro, please vote back to help a brother out :)

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DJ SEVENT2 months ago

Your remix is BANGER! I LOVE IT!!!!
Can you help with a vote to my remix ''Buzz Low - Thong Song (DJ SEVENT REMIX)
Good luck bro!

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Akashii2 months ago

Already voted for yaa! (;

Would you be kind enough to vote 2 of my remixes? Everyone's support would do me so much good!

One is for #Afrojack and another is for #Deepend.

If you did, thank you for your help :D

All the best toward your dreams! Lets do it! :D :D

And please stay home, stay safe.

Cheers! Happy Spinninin'!

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Chriss Chvnga
Chriss Chvnga2 months ago

Amazed! Voted for you of course🔥 If you could vote for me i would be glad 🙏
Greetings from Poland 💪🏼

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Justin Robeen
Justin Robeen2 months ago

Hey bro,
Yo that's a good remix, I voted for you.!!!!
It has a huge energy!!!!!!!
Please listen to my remix, and support me!!

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David Bume
David Bume2 months ago

Hey Cory your remix is ​​on fire! I like how it sounds! VOTED! I wish you could listen to my remix "ALL NIGHT" and tell me what you think!

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Leo B
Leo B2 months ago

ey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my Afrojack Remix "All Night"

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nispe02 months ago

Ehi bro,what a feeling.... you make me fly!!!!

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UKN2 months ago

Hey man, i love your remix, the vibes are amazing
nice work the drop is so catchy and clean, i voted for you! please check mine and vote too

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4Smile2 months ago

Hi man!!

I heard your track and I really enjoyed it!

I really like the synth you used and the drop sounds really powerfull🔥

It would be nice if you could check out my remix of 'Afrojack - All Night (feat. Ally Brooke)' on my profile!

Let me know what you think and comment , i voted you, vote me back :)

Thank you!

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DJ Ritos
DJ Ritos2 months ago

Cool remix, voted.😇
Pls check out my latest remix and vote, Thanks..

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Quaid2 months ago

Check me out as well when you can 🙏 I appreciate it

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Quaid2 months ago

Dope I always love some halftime it’s cool that you put that in there good job 🔥🔥🔥 keep going

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Akashii2 months ago


Hope you are having a nice day! If you are seeing this then that means I have voted for this track of yours! :D :D :D

And I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my remix for Danny Avila's Run Wild :D

Wishing you all the best towards your dreams!

Stay home_ stay safe please because it will take you one step closer to your dreams (:


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Maenix2 months ago

Good Morning Cory Maverick! :)

Nice fresh chords at the beginning love it!
Super fresh build up!
Cool chilled drop, love the vocal chops here!

Good luck in the ranking!

I would be sooo greatful for your feedback and support too :)

Cheers - Maenix -

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Sultanberkaliev2 months ago

Hi bro, good track for which I voted, please vote for my new track SB-Canyons

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Kytion2 months ago


Are you check and vote my new track "Afrojack - All Night (feat. Ally Brooke) [Kytion Remix]"?

Thank you!Cory Maverick

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala2 months ago

Nice track

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