In Turkey for 20 years as a professional DJ makes this duo's first official ethnic deep house track..Though this is the binary Turkey's most prominent voice at the same time it is a leading DJ music engineer and one of the house and disco music curators..Along time in Turkey's largest and most famous nightclubs they are DJing as resident/musical director/coordinators.. Some clubs they are in as main resident DJ HALIKARNAS CLUB - BODRUM/TURKEY REINA - ISTANBUL/TURKEY BLACKK CLUB - ISTANBUL


SantrixDiaz2 months ago

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NickZisou2 months ago

Magic track,i love your tradional sounds,keep stay unique in your music

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EURODISE2 months ago

Thank you Nick..

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Lavenir3 months ago

this is lit !!!!! keep it up !!!!!! great job !!!!!!!!!

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AN0R31 β˜‘οΈ

Hey Firat! Great job on this track, it really has some catchy elements. It's not perfect quality yet, but i see a TON of potential in here. I really like the suddle breaks and those "kick like" effects at the beginning. I woul personally do a bit more mastering on the low-ends of the drop. I wouls also apreciate it a lot if you could give me some REAL feedback on my new demo on the talent pool, it's called PIXEL. Voted, great job again, and remember, keep going!

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Pras Ceiver
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Dj Surrinate
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Sonat turkan3 months ago

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