Eastman5 hours ago

good remix, i like that.
somebody could check my remix of this song, i really apreciate it, and if you wanna write some comment or vote thank you.

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Balaz Dropz
Balaz Dropz2 days ago

hey bro VOTED!! for sure! i have made a remix of sikdope fly with me i would really like if you would vote for me :) 👌🙆‍♀️
PS: wow dude this is a great remix

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TMak4 days ago

Nice! I see why you're one of the top contenders! VOTED! Take a listen to my remix and let me know what you think! VOTE if you like it :)

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Love this well done. Voted. If you could check out my remix it would mean a lot!

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Peak*_*_Oz4 days ago

voted good luck

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Ephraim Joseph
Ephraim Joseph4 days ago

Damn Mix. voted!

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Yunis4 days ago

Jo Bro thats a sick remix! You have my vote for the contest! Pls take a second and check out my track "Toxic" and give it a like in the talent pool! :)

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Lo-Res5 days ago

Nice Remix!
go listen to my remix for the contest

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Pretty Fun Music

Voted and following!

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Eastman5 days ago

good song,
somebody could check my remix of this song,
i really apreciate it, and if you wanna write some comment or vote thank you.

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TaomaTunes ✅

Everyone has their own taste in music.
But from what i heard i can say that:

Still need to learn how to layer bass and synth properly ;)
I liked a drop idea after all :)
You need to spend more time on mixing next time !
Missing more elements into your mix!
Make room for the bass in the drop ;p

Voted for an effort !! :)
I would appreciate if you could check out my "Voices" remix and vote for it if you like it

Score: 1
Finderz6 days ago

I like the melody! Would be awesome if you checked out my remix for Voices as well! :)

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Maviero6 days ago

mirzach Hello i like your Song (: voted for it,if you have time please check out also my new Remix Voices ,thanks y Maviero (:

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DSTYLER6 days ago

Ig, too much limiting ....
Tho nice remix...
Voted, Checkout My remix of voice w/ Axe391

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NVee Make it bangin'

Hey Mirzach, Great Track. You have my vote my friend! Please take the time to check out my remix of Voices. Many thanks, and good luck!!

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BROKEN JAX7 days ago

Better remix than mine that's for sure

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Official MI-lØ

Amazing Remix and Nice Vibe,Sound

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Larry Milonas
Larry Milonas7 days ago

Great remix man! Check out my new track Love, thanks!

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EINNOSZ7 days ago

Voted buddy, good vibes
Check my "make you happy remix"
Thank you..

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Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra7 days ago

nice remix man. hope to get a vote back on mine too, & a listen to my new mixtape.

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