This is my latest contribution to one of the Spinnin Records contests. I hope you will like it!


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UnMasked22 hours ago

Hey cool remix, like the drop, omg so cool
What do u think of my second remix I've produced in 6 hours : Stay With Me ?

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo2 days ago

Great remix, nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Virus", give feedback and vote if you liked it

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DanLmusic4 days ago

Hi, really like your remix and have voted. Would you check out my remix of BROKE and maybe vote if you like it. Thanks alot my man!!!

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Yuri Kim
Yuri Kim5 days ago

Wow! Amazing remix I really loved this! You did a great job and I voted for you!
Check out my remix of 'My Love Is Gone' and, if you want, vote for it too! Thank you and good luck!

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ENGRAVE5 days ago

Amazing work .... 😍
casted my vote for it... It would be amazing if you could listen to my take on Jonas Aden's "My love is gone" and vote for me too !!

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Quaza5 days ago

Awesome af! Voted
Let me know what you think of my Jonas Aden remix!

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UnMasked7 days ago

Coooooool :) Like it!

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DJ LiviliroN
DJ LiviliroN8 days ago

Nice remix love it 🔥

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TMak9 days ago

Nice track man! I like the vibe. VOTED! Take a listen to my remix of My Love Is Gone. VOTE if you like it

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twentyfauxcarat10 days ago

Enjoyed listening to this track! Good luck!

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Aquawave11 days ago

Wow the lead sounds are so powerfull with that melody!
Check out (if you want to) my new remix "Broke (Aquawave Remix)"

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PoloHH11 days ago

Love it , voted , check my remix too!

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PhurryVermin12 days ago

Niiiice! Voted! Check the bomb mix I whipped up! :)!

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Lelkik12 days ago

Wow, nice remix! The vibes are amazing, good job, man!

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macc_dj12 days ago

Voted! Check out my last track "The GOAT" and leave a like there if you actually like it. Follow me on Soundcloud too. Thanks!!!

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Zibrog13 days ago

Really Cool! Voted!
Check out & vote my remix of kryder " Stay With Me " Thanks!

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K.A.MMusic14 days ago

its really cool remix ilove it
can you check my remix

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TomYang STHLM14 days ago

Yeah, you sure infused some more energy with this one! Well done!

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Yuri Kim
Yuri Kim14 days ago

Hey Trennik! Amazing remix! I really liked your work, this is amazing, I voted for you! Check out my remix of 'My Love Is Gone' and, if you want, vote for it too! thank you and good luck!

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino14 days ago

Hey mate, just checking your rmx :) very energetic sound! i like you arranged the track :) and the second drop is really massive congrats! definitely Voted for you! ;)
if you could give a check to my last upload -> "AlessiaLabate-Somethingspecial (Riv3rick Remix)" and maybe leave a vote <3 back i would reeeally appreaciate :) thanks

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