Hi Michael Slow here , this is my new track ''DRASTIC'' , for me the best , made in a month of work . If you enjoy it please vote for me in the Spinnin' Talent Pool and help me to climb the Chart!!! Thanks for the support -Michael


RACAR BOY4 years ago

Great track , voted !!!!!! Can you check my ChORuS song, thanks!!!!!

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Arys4 years ago

I liked this one! Voted!
Please vote back for my track "Bigelow"

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Steal This4 years ago

Voted!! Vote me back please? :) Just hit the facebook link in my profile to vote, I appreciate it a lot! <3


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Rayllex4 years ago

voted for u , may U could verify ,plz listen my new track CITY DANCE on my profile :D .THNX DUDE, btw Nice Music :D , really nice :)

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RaveFish4 years ago

Awesome job! If you or anyone has a minute please check out my brand ne w track called ''we love the night'' Vote, and dro p a comment saying you did, and I will support your track as well ! Thanks.! :)

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David Smith
David Smith4 years ago

Voted ! Good Job ! Please vote back for my last track "Move On". Thanks.

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NekoNegro4 years ago

Good job dude! You have my vote. Can you vote my song in my profile? Thanks and keep fighting!

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Ay Jay Dee
Ay Jay Dee4 years ago

Voted Bro, nice work)
vote my Sunrise track=D

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Ay Jay Dee
Ay Jay Dee4 years ago

Voted Bro, nice job)
vote my Sunrise track=D

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IamHouseOrdnung4 years ago

I wish You a Good day, Nice to see You're on My MixTapez gesetoßen !!! and Him to be a good call !!! this Pleased me Very much !!!
Without A Joke ;) Thank You !!! I Never Expected this Mix is so good in the Spinnin Records Talent Pool on a good Rank ;) Not among Top 100 !!! This is A Great honor For me !!! I Am pleased to balld More of My art of Mixing Show !!! I am totally Flabbergasted and Speechless !!!! You are the Best Without you It Would Not be Possible !!!! Thank You For This !!!

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Lukrembo4 years ago

This is amazing track!! I voted.
Please check out my new track "Replica" and give me your opinion.
Vote for me!! Thanks!!

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Charlie Walkrich
Charlie Walkrich4 years ago

I just stumbled upon this track again and I can't stress enough now much I love this beautiful production. I think you are extremely gifted and you have to be signed by Spinning Records immediately! It's too bad I can vote only once. Otherwise, I'd vote 100 times and I mean it!!! Is there a place where I can download your track? Also, can you send me a friend request on Facebook? My track is #14 now and my goal is to get it in the top 10. If possible, I'd appreciate a vote back if you like my production...

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TypicalMusic4 years ago

Vote for Vote?

Vote and comment on my Track and i'll vote you back! <3

--> KSHMR & Felix Snow ft. Madi - Touch (Beastpunch Remix)<2

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VANVAR4 years ago

Amazing track Michael Slow ! You've got my vote! Keep it up! - My name is VANVAR. I am a 15 year old producer from the Netherlands. Check out my latest Deep House track called 'The Tiger'! I created it using my sister's vocals. I think it's my best track so far! Leave a comment with your opinion and vote if you enjoy it!

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Dee.P.Tree4 years ago

Already voted.

For those who have not listened the un-usual talent pool track: if you are tired continuously listening high energy music and want to relax your ears for 6.5 minutes.... visit my downtempo/chillout remix.

My melodic downtempo chillout remix of "You" by Lost Kings and Katelyn Tarver is out....

Check it out.. Leave feedback... Good ... Bad... Whatever about it...!! Vote.. Support... If you like.

Thank you...!..!

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DJ NEEL4 years ago

Good! Voted:) Vote for my track "Invention (Original Mix)" on my profile:) And good luck

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Djmaxlietta4 years ago

Voted..Listen & vote me please.

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Alan Barma
Alan Barma4 years ago

cooll... it shows your hard work, Loved IT! Check out my new remix of YOU - LOST KINGS (Alan Barma Remix) please give me some feedback and VOTE ME BACK!!!!! if you like it!I VOTED YOU!!! it means the word for me!!! thanks!!!

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Halil4 years ago

You Dont Have To Vote Just Need Your idea But i iil Vote For You With My Other Profil & This is My Secend Ver. Of Kırmızı Büyü Voodoo Take a Listen i Make This Track For Fun i Hope You Guys Listen & Dont Forget To Fallow Me On SoundCloud Lots Of Love!!.

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MIKE//\\SHOW4 years ago

Nice track men , good job . I vote for you bro , vote for me beck . VOTE>Borgeous - Invicible (MIKESHOW Remix)

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