Christopher Damas ft. Kate Wild



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AdityaNair3 years ago

Voted :) Nice one ..Support me back please.....& others can Vote me and just leave a comment. ....I surely will vote you back...u can check my supported track if u want too...

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Fredi Vega3 years ago

Great track! Please support me! Checkout my track "Endless Summer". Thanks!

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic3 years ago

Voted here. Support back "BUCKA" if you like. Thanks in advance.

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Jay Mark
Jay Mark3 years ago

Voted! Please check out my remix of Lost Kings-You. I'll support your track as well. Thanks!!!!!!

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Dewian Gross
Dewian Gross3 years ago

Good sound! Vote! Support my remix too! Thanks)

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ilmigue3 years ago

REALLY GOOD STEREO EFFECTS!!!! Loving the track for the "hugeness". The singer sounds really good and the drop has alot of energy, definitely one of my favourite tracks here! VOTED, Want to check out my track "Synesthesia"? :)

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Ljustell3 years ago

Wow! Sick tune Chris, Can't stop listening, voted! Be sure to check out and vote for my track "Mula" Thanks!

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SUNDAR3 years ago

voted!! good job !! vote for my song too !!thankyou

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Felanso3 years ago

Hey! Can you pls vote for my remix of 'You'? If you write in the comments of my track that you have voted I will check it and then you will get 2 votes from willaser and refab on this track! (Search them and you can check it) Good luck:)

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Azurnuk3 years ago


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U D3 years ago

nice track .voted .....checkout my remix of lost kings - you and vote plz ..,

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djcobraOFFICIAL3 years ago

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TheWamose3 years ago

I genuinely vote back to anyone who votes...so vote for my remix of "you" and i promise honestly you WILL get a vote back...if you don't believe me check out the comments on my tracks and see if I have'nt voted back.......

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DJ McElholm
DJ McElholm3 years ago

I like this track, it has huge potential, voted!

Can you vote for my remix of "Lost Kings - You" please?

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David Sanx3 years ago

Great atmosphere!!

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6043772797140453 years ago

Отличная песня

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