I present my latest production. Good listening!!! @Teamspinnin'


Axel Clay ✪
Axel Clay ✪4 years ago

Good song guy! The drop is insane and please if you like me song "Balls". Thanks

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Vicious Stranga4 years ago

Enjoyed this! Got my vote. Check out my first mastered track, guaranteed you will not be disappointed

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CASHPIX4 years ago

Voted. This track is really amaizng, so check out my track please (NoWay)

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick4 years ago

Dear GABRY Q, could you check out my remix of 'Touch' for the contest? I really means alot!
Btw really nice track! Voted! Profile>>>Contest>>>Vote>>>Maybe comment!

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DJ ZDG4 years ago

Could you check my remix of Touch Made for the contest? I tried to be original by searching rythmics and little details, also in the master and mix because I'm to cheap to buy all of this expensive plugins. So getting noticed in the top 10 would help me to improve and go on in my musical goals/ dreams, If you vote it's would be awesome ! And a Feedback also ! Thanks in advance. Voted

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nonee4 years ago

Hey man, Good work i like this track; you got my vote, can you vote back for my track “DEAR FRIENDS” please comment my track :)

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FKME4 years ago

Bitche's on Heat - ©FKME 2016 - Taking the World by Storm......

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DJ_SM€4 years ago

Hello Please I Need A Vote Help me I have 16 years Please only one vote

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BUSTERZ4 years ago

Great Track!
Already Voted and Followed you :)
If you didn’t follow me back yet, follow me back please, my mate :)
Keep it up and cheers ! Thank you for your support:)
"KSHMR & Felix Snow Ft. Madi - Touch (Busterz Remix)"

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome4 years ago


Please support me back by listening to my latest track ´Sentinels´ (My Profile> Tracks> Sentinels) and maybe even let me know what you think about it. That will help me a lot for my next project.

Thank you!

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RaveFish4 years ago

Hey, we support you! Check our last track 'We love the night' and leave a vote if you like it!

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Dan Kehrmann
Dan Kehrmann4 years ago

Great tune!!!
Check out my "Touch" Remix!

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GalaxZ4 years ago

Voted! Please make sure to check out my tracks/vote Clear Waves (my profile>tracks>Clear Waves) and House of House (my profile>tracks>House of House)

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DJ McElholm
DJ McElholm4 years ago

Nice track, really good mixing and melody. Voted!

Can you check out my track "House Party" please?

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Mario Delazo
Mario Delazo4 years ago

Great :) DOPE way to create something fresh... Nice!
#Vote also for mine!
Mario Delazo - Good Times (ft. Don Kino)

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HAMMY4 years ago

sick track man. Voted! if you could like my track dingo it would be nice

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Kushal4 years ago

Hey, nice track!!
I would be glad if you could check out my new remix of Ahzee - Make A Wish.

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Cosmonov4 years ago

nice track!!!
vote back my track Cosmonov-Love it(Original Mix)

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ElectRoman4 years ago

voted) vote 4 me

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VCRT4 years ago


VCRT - This Is Why!(TRAP)Original Mix.....

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