My Remix of 'Mad World' By Hardwell!


MADARASI4 years ago

Very nice drop melody! It's really cool that you altered the second drop to keep the track fresh. You have my vote! Please vote for my track Rin (Original Mix). Thanks!

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Ali Soliman4 years ago

Nice Track, Voted .. Keep it up !!
Could you also check out my new Track "Everybody in the Place " in This contest and tell me your feedback ! Thanks :))

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StrongHeart4 years ago

Cool mix, ! Hope your mix will climb further up this chart! Curious what you think of my submission... Good luck! and vote on Strong Heart - Phantom

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Dwain4 years ago

Amazing track... VOTED!!! Can you please listen and vote for my track 3FMR like the best?
support and respect

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Nice job, Hardwell! Hope your mix finds its way up again in this chart! Curious what you think of my submission: talentpool/track/72197-marky-v-lectro-tropical-escape! ... Good luck!

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Raz Davidov
Raz Davidov4 years ago

Very nice track ALVO!.... Voted! Would you mind voting back on my track, "Jumpstart", in this contest? Thanks, and as always, good luck! :)

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EnvvY4 years ago

hello! loved your track! supported and voted! <3 how about checking my track "Devils Rave" in the same contest and voting it back.. if you do.. il share your track on my social media of 32000+ followers :) let me know if voted.. so that i can share your music :)c

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BEHNEN4 years ago

Voted! LOVE IT....great Track:)

Please vote my song "HOT BEAT" in the contest...if you think it derserves so :))))))))))))))))

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ZTSky4 years ago

Awеsоmе!Vоtеd!Listеn & Vоtе my trаck fоr cоntеst (Heаven is The Music feаt. Nаthаn Brumley)Fоllоw me аnd i fоllоw bаck, best regаrds ZTSky!

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Mag Angeles
Mag Angeles4 years ago

Hey ALVO!Great Song ! JUST VOTED FOR YOU!!! Can you please vote for me back ? /talentpool/track/73276-mag-angeles-mag-angeles-wanderlust/ Thanks & good luck bro!

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Very NICE!!
Please check our new track "GOAL2016!"

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Dj Zryan
Dj Zryan4 years ago

Hey great track!! Nice I like it! Voted!! :) If you dont min d voting back and listening to my new original track (Zrryan - Deep House Torino (Original Mix) I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!

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Pyrs4 years ago

Great Production Alvo! Voted!

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my track " Entire " for the contest. Good luck!

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️4 years ago

Nice remix ALVO, I voted! Vote for me.
facebook : maxmaddmusic

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DJ BLLADE4 years ago

I listened to your track mad world, the refrain sounds great.
I Vote for U!!
If you want listen to my song in the contest "DJ Bllade ft. Erica Gibson - Take me over".
If you like my first Remix Track please vote for or follow me! I appreciate it very much if you give any feedback.
Best greets from germany dj bllade

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BlâckBax4 years ago

Hardwell Excellent sound friend!! Voted!!! If you want escuha my song!! Give me a vote if you can .. thank you very much

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Ndreko4 years ago

Voteddddd!!!!!!!! Please vote my track Dance Madafaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BigS't Music4 years ago


I listened to your Remix, I am very impressed buddy.
You use cool sounds. It is in one word a good production !!
You have my Vote!!

You want to please listen to my song in the contest "Mysterious Summer Nights".
May i have your vote please? I appreciate it very much if you give any feedback.

Good Luck Buddy


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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo4 years ago

Cool, I really liked! Nice synts and drums. Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of Stadiumx - Mombasa, vote and give feedback

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EnvvY4 years ago

Hey, Lovely Track!! u gained a vote for it.. just voted.. Vote me back.. ;) il share your track on my social media... ;)\]

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