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Peter Oliver3 years ago

thats amazing my brother! u got my vote!!!

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JASON PARK3 years ago

So nice track Bro ~ !! Voted ! Check out my contest tracks
"Kiss me under the moonlight" & [STOPPER] leave a comment & vote for me ~ ! Thanks ^^

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Peter Oliver3 years ago

Nice track Chronos, loved the vocal effects
I also have a track in the contest (THOUGHTS), vote for it and leave a comment... I will do the same then. Trust me!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Hi Chronos! Vote4vote? Check out my contest submission Release the Lions, vote for it and leave a comment... I will do the same then. Thanks!

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C-A3 years ago

hey chronos!!!
i voted this track

please help me supporting my track in contest for parookaville

C-A ft DAMC - Lifting up ground

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Jeeeys3 years ago

Great tune Chronos !!

Please check out my contest track and don't forget to vote! :D
"DK - 009"
Thanks !

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Victoria Sunday3 years ago

You've got my vote Chronos!Great track!
Please vote back for DJ ShaktHe- "Warrior"
Thanks for the support guys!

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Firepad3 years ago

VOTED ! Really good track ! If were a label, I'd definetly release this one ! Powerful drums, great melody, neat bassline. The mixdown is simply AMAZING ! Magnifique ! I love synths you used and i could use your kick sample (if you're willing to share it , text me on souncloud ) . Good luck in the chart and ke ep it up ! Also, would you mind spending a minute by voting for my track NIGHT DRIVE ? I would be very grateful !!! Thanks in advance !

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ZTSky3 years ago

Nicе !Vоtеd!Vоtеd bаck my trаck - Custоdеs, fоllоw me аnd i fоllоw bаck, best regаrds ZTSky! =)

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TaBiz3 years ago

Great One...
I Am Voted & Supported...
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JF Jake
JF Jake3 years ago

Nice Track Chronos! Voted for you :) It would be kind if you could vote back for me :) Follow me and I follow back!

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome3 years ago


Please support me back by listening to my latest track ´Crystallize´ (My Profile> Tracks> Crystallize) and maybe even let me know what you think about it. That will help me a lot for my next project.

Thank you!

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Yahia Ben
Yahia Ben3 years ago

Nice Work Bro Cool Track
Voted !!
Check Out My Contest Track """"Put Your Flag Up""""

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Aik Lim
Aik Lim4 years ago

Voted :)! Good job my friend:).
Listen please my don't contest track, and if you like it
vote for me please "A!k L!m x Maestro - Hydrohertz (Original Mix)".

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Jun Phile4 years ago

I like this track. I really can hear your effort in your mix. I will always vote back (for real) and give you a feedback because i really want a friend who will feedback & help each other (for real). so can you vote for my original track called "Uncle Sam's Money”. leave a comment, and i will vote back as soon as i can and i really want to become your friend. i’m not joking at all. Vote4Vote. just like all the people on this site, I wanna rock the whole world with my music too. it's just a start but We WILL. support each other, that is the only thing we can win. Let's make the world change together. Just leave a comment in my page after your vote. i will wait for you!!

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Arkhan4 years ago

nice track, really good! I voted!

Would be nice if you vote for my track "Powerhouse" aswell. Thanks!

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Hooya4 years ago

Nice track :) voted for you !!!!!

Hope you can vote for my remix !!!!

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Rayllex4 years ago

Nice mix .....VOTED ..U can verify my vote .....may u could VOTE BACK for my❤*>>>> PAROOKVILLE CONTEST TRACK name; CYCLONE<<<<*❤ on my profile .....plz SUPPORT me :) thnxx dude..

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia4 years ago

Great one! VOTED! vote back my remix if you like it ! Thank you ! :DDDD

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Bruninho Linhares

Woooow, beautiful track
I voted!
please could vote back on my track "BonetBoncy" contest? Thanks!!!!!

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