Have you checked our track yet? If you haven't please have a listen and give us a vote if you like it.


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newclaess3 years ago

great track!! just voted for u! Vote back!! 693

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick3 years ago

Awesome track man! Definitly voted!! Check out our track called 'Summer Vibes' too!!
Profile>>>Vote>>>Maybe comment!!

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AddØnS3 years ago

Listen my track paradise, i vote for you, let me now what you think,.-

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D&G3 years ago

Hey Great Job, Loved the Track, I've Voted for you, If You want to Verify, check my Supported List for your track!!
If you have difficulties in finding your Track, Please Scroll Down A Little More
And i Hope you will VOTE Back For my Track "ENCODED"

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ESKAY Music3 years ago

voted for you :)

please listen to my song "Blue Horizon" and vote back if you like it! :)

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ABII3 years ago

Voted BUSTERZ !!
Awesome track bro!! Love the drop!! Original Sound!! Inspiring work!!!
Love the way u started the track!!
Checkout my CONTEST TRACK Revolution and don't forget to vote for me!!!
If You want to Verify, Feel Free to check my Supported List for your track!!
If you have difficulties in finding your Track, Please Scroll Down A Little More!!!

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CASCOBAR3 years ago


Congratulations on getting so far in this competition :) I just voted for your track!

Please help me realise my dreams and listen to my new original track Heartsichord :) If you like what you hear please return the favour and vote for Heartsichord now.


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Darkstar The Dj
Darkstar The Dj3 years ago

I voted,please help me save myself from the current situation I am in and help me get into the top five please,this is all I have left. My songs name is : I Am The Darkstar

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TheMuter3 years ago

Voted, Check Out Mine
,"The Muter - Philosopher",

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Bralan3 years ago

Awesome Track ! Voted!

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voted/ /vote for my contest track monsters foot

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Marcel Kult
Marcel Kult3 years ago

Nice Track :-) Very Cool! Voted!

Would be cool if you give even a Vote my Track :-)
Maybe you like it!

Stand Now! (Original Mix)

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Bro, your track surprised me i voted and shared on Twitter. really original.
it has something that spinnin' is searchin' for. I Love it and Creativity of you.
Actually voted and Fully support from me. with the best wishes.

And Dont forget to vote on my track if you want!!!

[Contest - Master Of The Drop ] Keep Goin on bro!!

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Bruninho Linhares

Heey guy! I came back!
I was gone because I had an accident coming back from the service and could not hear new tracks from the competition .. But I'm fine hahaha!
Hey man, everyone here knows how I like to help and receive help back, and you are no different! I'm voting for you because its track is very good and I want to help the fairest way without buying votes, I ask only to return the favor by voting for my track called the contest "BonetBoncy". Please IGNORE the Talent Pool of tracks that are DELETED.
I count on your support for my you already have! Thanks.,

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Peter Oliver3 years ago

Thats amazing dude!! it would be a pleasure for me to get a feedback from you on my new track!

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TheMuter3 years ago

Voted, check Out Mine,
"The Muter - Philosopher".

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Shahin Shantiaei
Shahin Shantiaei3 years ago

hey man
i really really like your track. Voted.
if you want to any support for me. Just go to CONTEST part.

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Jeeeys3 years ago

The drop has very nice rhythm :D

Please check out my contest track and don't forget to vote! :D
"DK - 009"
Thanks !!!!

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

voted please vote back

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Ecto3 years ago

Great combination of genres! The sound design is on point! Voted! Mind voting back?
Unlike other self advertisers, I give real feedback!

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