This is my Remix of Shadows Of Love by Sam Feldt. Check it out!


LARZclub4 years ago

Thank you for your support. I have voted for your track too. Good PROject!!!

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Wolin4 years ago

Voted! Please support my remix of Shadows of Love aswell:)Thank you!

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SPYHawk4 years ago

This is nice but I think it could use a little bit more work in the melody

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SP3CTRAXX4 years ago

Good job on the remix pal :D we loved it !!! Best of luck my friend!!! You got our vote ;) Check out our latest track called ''Sp3ctrum'' and if you liked it SMASH DOWN the VOTE button !

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KUBI4 years ago

PB, thanks for you vote on my remix!
I was listening to your tracks. I guess your new in producing. Synth and melodies are good, but the drums are difficult to do. A Little scheme for house music: Kick on beat, claps every second beat/kick, hats ofbeat. make sure you choose the right kick/claps/hats so that they fit to your synths and the style :)
If you want it easy, you could use drumloops from W A producion they have tons off free packs for DL :)

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GILLGVMI4 years ago

good remixed, i feel your vibes :3.
you've my voted guy/s. check mine track too "class '45" in contest :)

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LAURENCE4 years ago

VOTED! Really sick!
Please can you vote my new contest track?


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Yahia Ben
Yahia Ben4 years ago

Good Jobe Man !!
Voted !!
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MADARASI4 years ago

Thanks for your vote! I would appreciate it if you voted for my track Rin (Original Mix), thanks! Your drop is very sudden and unexpected with no beat; it's different, that's for sure! There are, however, too many sounds in the drop so it's difficult to focus on one aspect of the drop. Try panning the sounds or using fewer sounds. You have my vote, though; hope this helps!

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Wild jay
Wild jay4 years ago

Hey amazing track, voted!!!
Vote back if u don't mind in my latest track, u won't regret it man <3

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Claudio Bonaccurso


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ZTSky4 years ago

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Radko4 years ago

Voted back.

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Vоtеd!Vоtеd bаck my remix fоllоw mе аnd i fоllоw bаck, best regаrds Leo Dikey! Good luck in the contest =))

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Viterlo4 years ago

Strange but original, voted!!!

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Sam KaYY
Sam KaYY4 years ago

Hey Great Remix Great Job There on the Track..
Voted! Check my supporting track if u
don't believe me
And Vote for my Track Named IMMORTAL on The Profile Please

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Sidex4 years ago

hey man grt track really very cool remix voted please check out my track citylights and vote for it too thnkaa bro!!

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IamMaximus4 years ago

Voted back! :)

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Angelic4 years ago

Wow, that blew me away. I voted your track! Please have a listen to mine...

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Aleteo Mashbeats
Aleteo Mashbeats4 years ago

Nice remix, voted !!!!!! Can you vote back for my Sam Feldt Remix?, thanks!!!!-.--.-.-....

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