Hope you enjoy my track! Its a song I released on iTunes featuring my talented friend Sammy Arriaga! Its a mixture of pop, dance and a little country twannng!


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FIXED4 years ago

Vote for a vote ? Il vote for your track and il share it with my friends for a few more votes.

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dellleetetet4 years ago

Go Listen My Track, you'll like it

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Tony Cast4 years ago

voted for you :)

please listen to my song "Keeps Going" and vote back if you like it ! :D

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Ducka Shan
Ducka Shan4 years ago

Very nice track mate! Voted for you. That would be awesome if you can vote my track "Ducka Shan" back. Thanks and good luck!!

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Zokyo4 years ago

Awesome dude, love this, amazing track!
Take a second to listen tobmy latest tracks and tell me what you think?
It would really mean a lot and I'd appreciate any feedback.
Good luck and all the best with this one man

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Know-Down4 years ago

Hi eliastunes your track is so good. I like the kick is so... yes I like it, and the bass is very great. Your mixing is good but your setting of the EQ should be more search but it's good like that, and i love your very good use to synth. Good luck for the talent pool ! I think you can be in the top 50 of the talent pool ! You have my vote, I VOTED for you so
Please can you check out my track and VOTE for me if you like it, it's called Blast (Original Mix) and it's a very good progressive house track. I'm just 13 years old !

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CASCOBAR4 years ago

Hey eliastunes

Congratulations on getting so far in this competition :) I just voted for your track!

Please help me realise my dreams and listen to my new original track Heartsichord :) If you like what you hear please return the favour and vote for Heartsichord now.


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TaBiz4 years ago

Best Of Luck Mate For Parookaville Contest...
Wish You All The Best For Your Future...

NIce To Tell You I Am On Top 100...
Listen My Track Than You Will Decide...
Just Listen My Contest Track...
Vote Me...
If You Like It...

Thanks For Support...

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick4 years ago

Awesome track man! Definitly voted! Check out our track called 'Summer Vibes' too!
Profile>>>Vote>>>Contest>>>Maybe comment!!

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D&G4 years ago

Hey Great Job, Loved the Track, I've Voted for you, If You want to Verify, check my Supported List for your track
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And i Hope you will VOTE Back For my Track "ENCODED"

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KALL34 years ago

Hey cool track ! Voted.
Check out my new track "charged":)

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock4 years ago

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i've voted for you !
vote for me and i will vote back for everybody who comment and vote on my page of spinnin talent pool and i will vote for you back, ''

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STAYONCHI4 years ago

Hi I voted for yoU
please vote me back my track named:

T H A N K S , ,. ,. ,.

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VENGEANS4 years ago

Great job!! Voted!!
Vote my new song in contests section called SUNSET ! !

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Boys Downstairs4 years ago

Amazing track , you have my vote.

Now vote for us we want to be true, DJ professionals and we need your vote , taste of Our track :)
Our track is called "We will make it"
Insurance will not disappoint!:O

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Cyprien Finta
Cyprien Finta4 years ago

Already voted, Elias!
Nice song!
Hope you will finish higher...!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Nice job, eliastunes! Check out my contest track Symphonies, a collab with DJ Special P. Thanks! ... Good luck!

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eliastunes4 years ago

Already did! You killed it bro!

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NO4 years ago


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Scarnie Lynette4 years ago

You've got my vote eliastunes! Nice great track!
Please vote back for WARRIOR by DJ ShaktHe
Thanks for the support!
Good luck!

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ABII4 years ago

Voted Eliastunes !!
Awesome track bro!! Love the drop!! Original Sound!! Inspiring work!!!
Love the way u started the track!!
Checkout my CONTEST TRACK Revolution and don't forget to vote for me!!!
If You want to Verify, Feel Free to check my Supported List for your track!!
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